Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update – King & queen get child named sindhu.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with narayan dictating story to mata laxmi that queen accepting her mistake to king when both were meditating & she feeling sun as her swami instead him which was wrong but king calms her while sun god blesses both with a child. In sleep at night queen gets severe pains due to light entering inside her stomach which creates burnt pains due to which she gets restless & king trying to heal her but she feels due to her wrong deeds this is happening so she runs towards sea as king is following her too but she sacrifices the child inside sea water as king gets depressed holding her & wondering what this happened but sea god comes out of water holding the child & telling them this you can’t do as it’s your child itself & they get delighted holding the child & thanks sea god so they ask god to give him name & sea god names him sindhu due to his birth in water.
Narayan continuing story to mata laxmi that this child after growing up did meditation for sun god & went flying towards him as he emerged getting impressed by his meditation & asked his boon so sindhu expressed his wish to become powerful more than gods & always be winner so sun god blesses him with small pot of water which if he gulps in his throat he’ll always be winner but this power only to be used for good deeds to spread in this world but he is thinking otherwise of spreading evil capturing entire universe.
Narayan continues saying sindhu goes on spree of capturing places creating terror & killing rishi’s who do not listen to him as forcing them to pray for him instead gods but then people asking help from gods & gods were also harmed by him so gods asked help from me & we facing each other as his weapon could not do anything to me but my chakra also could not do anything to him impressing me & asked him boon so he wished to make his place secured & i booned him accordingly.
Mata laxmi asking narayan why you did this when you knew he is doing evil deeds but narayan explains her that evils are fools so asks such boons not knowing someday his end also arises & that’s why rishi gautom & devi ahilya took the initiative to challenge sindhu by doing yagna for mahaganadhipati.
Sindhu arrives to ahilya’s hut while he is performing yagna for maganadhipati along with his rishi helpers & devi ahilya & he is forcing rishi to pray or do yagna for me but instead rishi gautom takes name of sun god & he gets annoyed so tries to cut his hands but ganesh in huge form emerges to save rishi which shocks sindhu seeing the form while all are praying ganesh. Rishi gautom asks sindhu what happened or got scared as this is pure devotion for mahaganadhipati who has saved people & not like you who is spreading evil terror.
Devraj indra discussing matter with their guru & he advices need to get help from brahma-ganesh performing pooja on sankashti so that he accepts prayers on that day & they pray for him as he emerges asking what help required & they express their help towards their devotees who are facing trouble from sindhu & brahma-ganesh is telling them devi paravati is waiting eagerly through her child which will take birth to end this evil.
Devi paravati is waiting eagerly for ganesh to come as she is arranging all kinds of items through her helpers while helpers are complaining mahadev why she is doing this way & mahadev explains them she will be experiencing child’s love for the first time so all these things obvious to happen with her.
Sindhu tells rishi to leave this place or do meditation for me else I’ll keep terrorizing you & rishi tells him I’ll go somewhere else but he says all trilok’s are under my rule so where will you go & rishi says away from trilok & i.e. trisandhya shetra but sindhu assures if at all you go there I’ll follow you but rishi warns him saying you may create terror but won’t be spared & once you will get heavy punishment for this & rishi leaves the place along devi ahilya & all as sindhu lights the hut in flames.

Precap : Narayan boons devi paravati a child who will be born as mahaganadhipati avatar whose name will be mayureshwar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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