Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Laxmi fights demon army.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with parvati meditating. There atyasura tells tarkasura that adishakti’s form parvati has killed all demons sent till now and she is too powerful for anything like this. Tarkasura then gets angry and says how is that possible? He then says now I wont leave that adishakti, I will send an entire army of demons, she wont be able to hold against so many demons and such a huge army, she is meditating now and disturbing her and breaking her meditation is my aim, if I do that with the help of an army then her son will never be born. Tarkasura tells atyasura to go with an entire army to attack parvati. Atyasura goes.
There as parvati meditates, her 2 friends see the entire army of thousands of demons coming. They stand to protect parvati with whatever sticks they have.
Laxmi gets angry and says how will they protect parvati? I will not leave these demons, I will kill them. Laxmi goes.
There the demons come and stop and see parvati. The commander comes and says that is the woman, the form of adishakti that we have to kill, she is a problem for our king. The demon says first some men go and kill those women standing in the way, then I shall kill parvati. Suddenly devi laxmi appears and says how dare you come near this place and even think of killing devi parvati? The demon says see, another weak woman has come to protect parvati, lets kill her as well. Devi laxmi gets angry and she removes her golden pot. The demons say will you kill us with this? They all laugh.
Laxmi starts pouring out gold from the pot as it falls down in coins. The demon army sees this and all demons say wow, it is gold! We shall have it. the commander looks at all gold and says yes first we shall have all the gold and then kill all these women. Atyasura says all demons are selfish and greedy, even I feel like taking all that gold.
Laxmi keeps pouring gold coins from her pot down on the ground. The entire demon army jumps on all gold and all demons start taking gold and throwing on themselves as they greedily hold the gold coins. The demons stand and take as much gold as they can. Laxmi keeps pouring more gold, lord Vishnu says what a great plan devi laxmi has made!
Raja devodas says to ganesh, like always demons are greedy and they thus forgot their main aim and first thought of taking all gold.
There laxmi starts pouring more gold and atyasura says even I should go there. Suddenly devi laxmi pours more gold and the demons start getting trapped under the weight of the gold, devi laxmi angrily throws more gold down and all demons get trapped under the weight of the gold as they say let us go! devi laxmi then makes all gold disappear which also kills the demon by the weight. The demons are killed. Atyasura is shocked and says I was lucky!
As devi laxmi smiles, suddenly an even bigger army of demons starts coming. Laxmi sees the demon army and says how will I alone fight these many demons? Laxmi gets ready with her pot of gold. Devi saraswati appears and says devi laxmi, don’t worry, you are not alone, we will kill these demons. Saraswati uses her veena to kill the demons and devi laxmi starts pouring gold.

Precap: mata parvati continues meditating for years. Gunesh says mata laxmi and mata saraswati killed the demon armies but now tarkasura was angry and scared more than ever.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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