Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Lambodar kills mayasura.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with brahma dev and saraswati saying how can the entire universe be inside this child? Lambodar says it is true, right now you are inside my body because the universe exists inside me! I am in each matter of this universe and I will show it to you. ganesh then blows back everyone from his stomach out and everyone comes back in brahma lok. Brahma dev is shocked. ganesh says brahma dev and devi saraswati, this is the universe and it exists because of me. mayasura then sees and thinks, my maya is slowing down on brahma dev I have to do something. Mayasura says father, he is fooling you. he is lying, don’t listen to him because this kid wants to kill me. ganesh then says brahma dev, in the universe everyone is one and that is me! around me, no maya can work and those who follow

dharma truly, no maya works on them too. This sentence removes the effect of maya from brahma dev and devi saraswati.
Mayasura says father, don’t listen to lambodar, he wants to kill me. brahma dev gets normal and gets angry on mayasura, he says mayasura I told you not to enter brahma lok because you have no place here. But you used your maya on me and devi saraswati again, you ought to be punished. Mayasura is shocked as his maya is gone and he gets angry. Brahma dev says lambodar, forgive me! I was controlled by this demon’s maya. Ganesh says don’t ask for forgiveness brahma dev, you are older than all of us. mayasura shall be punished now, but still I will give one last chance to you mayasura, ask forgiveness from your father brahma dev, then I shall spare your life. Mayasura thinks about his death and how powerful ganesh is, he thinks and then says forgive me father and mother, I was wrong. I did a mistake and I regret it now, I have done sins and I want forgiveness. Kartikeya and ganesh think, mayasura cannot ask for forgiveness, this doesn’t seem right. Kartikeya then looks properly and sees mayasura using his maya and running away while his clone asks for forgiveness. Kartikeya says this demon wont ever change, see he is running. everyone see and lord Vishnu says everyone gets a chance but still mayasura chose adharma.
Ganesh sees mayasura and mayasura says I stalled you all because durgamasura will finish his prayers soon and he will become very powerful. Now no one can kill me! mayasura runs.
There durgamasura keeps doing the 53 crore sacrifice to tamsik mata and naglaxmi and shesh naag use the mantra of ganpati and wake up all nag’s. shesh naag says I will do what I promised to ganesh ji and go and fight this demon durgamasura before he finishes his sacrifice.
Ganesh uses his powers and stops mayasura by binding him with a spell. Mayasura is scared as he screams, lambodar removes his axe and throws at mayasura. Mayasura is killed by the axe, finally the demon dies. Everyone pray to ganesh’s lambodar avatar and the gods start singing a special prayer song for Lambodar avatar of ganesh.
Durgamasura attains what he aims for and continues the sacrifice and says 53 crore sacrifice is almost over. Shesh naag comes inside the cave and sees durgamasura.

Precap: shesh naag is attacked by durgamasura as durgamasura breathes fire on shesh naag. Ganesh comes to the rescue.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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