Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh is in thoughts of after crossing this jungle we will reach gokarna & lanka is not far from there so if I can’t achieve my goal then what will happen as I have to stop ravana by taking father’s atma ling to lanka sio he should be kept busy with me more & more till I achieve my goal so he offers him more & more water. Ravana asks ganesh what he was thinking & ganesh spills what he should not but then recovers with his change of words & as ganesh wishes he tells him that I will keep telling you various stories of mahadev’s different avatar’s too while we are on our way. Yes says ganesh but we should pray bhikshuvarya before proceeding & ravana says in his minds that always ganesh puts me in tricky situations.

Meanwhile prabhu mahadev in disguise of prabhu bhikshuvarya immerges by their prayers & asks ravana that does he have faith in himself for him to take that prabhu’s atma ling in his hands properly to lanka & he replies yes that this atma ling is acquired by your wishes only & that is why I have reached so near at gokarna hence lanka is not so far now for reaching me soon. Prabhu replies that not to forget that going further whatever will happen will happen by my wishes only & prabhu mahadev in disguise of bhikshuvarya vanishes.

Ganesh asks ravana that is prabhu’s wish that the atma ling should be taken by you to lanka? So ravana replies that yes it is his wishes only as because of him itself I have got this atma ling & as you are aware of the stories narrated you lastly of dhramagupta which is an clear example of mahadev’s blessings & wishes only whatever happened on that story. Ravana tells ganesh that I have also declared previously that I am the only bigger & famous devotee of prabhu shivshankar so it is his wishes itself. Ganesh replies ravana that have you ever thought that your words spelt describes your attitude instead your devotion which will lead to ego. Right says ravana but my attitude is nothing before the attiudes which were developed in your devta’s previously, by which ravana starts his story narration to ganesh of what had happened & explains ganesh what attitude had lead to all those devta’s.

Ravana says mahadev had to take a new avatar for next time as yash avatar & continues story. Ganesh is happy to divert his attention & offers water to ravana.  Ravana starts to tell ganesh due to the attitudes of all devta’s they went to such a place where a challenge was waiting for them.

All devta’s see a place like it’s a heaven for them & indra & all other devta’s praises of the place seeing. They say within themselves that whatever is on earth is their only & nobody else can sqeeze tgis from us. They all land to that place happily & are praising so much that that they feel to take this place along with them. But while they are enjoying the peace of that place a tree net falls in front of them while trying to pass between two trees & a voice comes out in that place laughing & telling them to stop moving in this place & vayu dev is searching who it is by taking permission by indra. He frees the net by his powers saying who ever you are does not know us who we are & tells indra dev to enter. A voice again echoes that without permission I had told you not to enter & a light immerges there & all find them under stormy weather seeing something immerging & the voice tells them this is nothing but your attitudes & devta’s are angered & reply that we are devta but voice says which devta as devta has it’s ethics that without permission nobody can enter anybody’s place. So you as devta’s have done a crime against ethics. Indra dev is angered & walking ahead saying who are you & suddenly in front of him finds thorns & stops & indra get surprised. Indra shouts to stop his ticks & come out in open if you feel yourself so strong & face us then you will understand who we are.

Mahadev in disguise immerges from pond & they are surprised who he is.

What happened asks mahadev to devta’s as why you are stunned by facing me. Agni dev comes forward showing his powers & warns mahadev in disguise to not to utter any wrong words towards us as you do not know I am agni dev & can destroy the whole world by my fire likewise all give their introductions to mahadev in disguise.

Mahadev tells them that I pity on your attitudes but they reciprocate as they feel pity on you. Mahadev comes near them & challenges them that if you all are powerful then try taking away a drop of water from my hands. Indra dev comes ahead & says in his attitude that this is only my left hand work & starts trying but fails so all come ahead to help indra dev but they fail & are moved back. All are stunned seeing their powers not working & feel they are wrong to understand you & indra dev understands these powers can non other than prabhu mahadev’s to stop us. They all pray him & plead mahadev that they have understood that we are wrong on our attitudes & bend themselves to foegive them. Mahadev immerges in his original form & explains them of what happens when attitudes & egos rule on them.

Ganesh is talking about story with ravana.

Ravana talks about himself also that he has no attitude like those devta’s where I have achieved this prabhu’s atma ling by my pure devotion towards mahadev.

Mahadev immerges in front of ganesh & ravana & they both pray mahadev. Ravana tells mahadev that now as I have acquired your blessings so nobody can stop me by taking this atma ling to lanka & not even the biggest powers of this world. Ravana is feeling difficult to handle atma ling in his hands & is in trouble thinking what is happening. Mahadev hold his hands & ravana thinks is mahadev angered by him. Ganesh is also in confusion. Ravana is asking help from ganesh. Ravana is asking forgiveness to mahadev & ganesh is telling mahadev to please pity him. Mahadev backs off & teaches lessons to lankesh ravana & vanishes. Ganesh offers water to ravana. Ravana is moving ahead very fast but ganesh is in confusion to slow him down for stopping him so needs some more time for this. Ravana tries to jump in one go to reach lanka & ganesh is thinking how to stop him.

Precap : Lankesh ravana jumps to reach lanka & also ganesh jumps too to try stopping him to avoid wrong to happen & mahadev understands.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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