Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Mata kali tells the story of demon king Daruk.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh saying then what happened mata? Mata kali says my bhuwaneshwari form created everyone’s bhuvan’s. mata kali says devi bhuwaneshwari is a form that brings prosperity to everyone, the prayer of mata bhuaneshwari is what can make her appear for darshan!
Mata bhuwaneshwari appears and everyone do pranam. Bhuwaneshwari smiles and says my form will bring good times and prosperity to those who pray to me! Ganesh and everyone pray as bhuwaneshwari blesses them, she then disappears and mata kali comes back. Ganesh says mata, I now understand, the entire universe was formed and everything had been going according to the rules you set! But then demons never follow laws and rules, how did iniquity rise?
Mata kali says I will satisfy your curious mind. Kali says demons never follow iniquity but for the balance in the world, demons had to be created. Such a demon arose. Ganesh says who was that demon mata? Kali says it was evil demon king named Daruk! He wanted to attack and rule over earth, he wanted to leave his lok and rule earth for all life. ganesh says then mata you must have punished him, how did you punish him? how was daruk stopped? Kali says I protected daruk. Ganesh is shocked. Kartikeya thinks why did mata protect a demon who wanted to kill innocent people and rule earth by going against the rules? Ganesh says why did you protect him mata? He was a demon. Kali says I was forced to protect daruk. Ganesh says what? Which power in this universe could possible force mata kali into protecting a demon? In flashback, Daruk is with 2 demons and daruk says how much time do we have to go here and there searching for food? Demons say that is what we have to do on our planet. Daruk says but we can unlimited food on earth and everything else, we will rule earth. Demons say how can we leave our planet? Daruk says we will attack earth and rule it, nothing can stop us, we will get everything that e need by plundering and ruling. Mata kali says I was forced because of daruk’s wife, Daruka!
Mata kali says daruka was a demoness but she was the disciple of my form of mata shakti! Daruka prayed to me for years. In flashback, daruka prays to mata shakti in very harsh conditions. Daruka then opens her eyes and says how much do I have to do to impress you mata? If I have to then, I will sacrifice my body to you. Daruka cuts her hands, legs and hurts herself sacrificing everything to impress mata shakti. Mata shakti is impressed and she appears and says my daughter daruka! I am impressed, ask what you want. Daruka smiles and is happy, she says mata, look at our lok, we have to stay like scavengers and have to find for food, my people and demons are left hungry many times, make a forest here for me and all my people so we don’t have to keep searching for food, convert this surrounding into a heaven for all of us using your leela mata! Shakti smiles and says daughter, I am impressed that you thought about everyone so I shall fulfill your wish. Mata shakti blesses and everything turns green with trees and plant life and water everywhere, the planet becomes beautiful with fruits, vegetables and all types of vegetation, shakti says daruka, this forest will be with you wherever you go. Daruka says thank you mata, thank you! This I asked for everyone but can I ask a wish for myself? Mata shakti says yes child. Daruka says mata, I just want one wish, that as I am your disciples you always protect me, nothing should be able to touch me and you always come for my protection. Mata shakti says you don’t need to ask that child, I will always protect my disciples.
Mata kali says this way, mata shakti gave the wish to daruka.
In flashback, demon king daruk tells all his soldiers, we will attack earth and rule it. Demons say but why do we need to go there when we have our own food here now? We have a huge forest here with us! Daruk says just think demon soldiers, we have a forest here, but how long will it last all of us on our planet? We wont have food forever, but on earth they have it, one day our resource will be over, on earth the people grow their food and here who will do that? When we can plunder and get loot for ourselves? We shall attack earth! Demons say you are right, we will all attack earth! Daruka says and we don’t need to worry, mata shakti will protect us as she promised she will protect me. Daruk laughs and says we will win and rule earth.

Precap: all gods come together to defeat daruk and his demons as mata shakti protects daruka. Ganesh says what happened then mata kali? How was daruk defeated?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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