Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th July 2019 Written Episode Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with bhanu comes running to dharmagupta & tells him now the trouble has for you started as I had told you & asks dharmagupa what happened & he tells him the way you distributed all wealth within those villagers so they are taken by raja’s guar ds to his palace for asking about the wealth they received to punish them for lifetime. Dharmagupta is asked by bhanu that now too you have faith in your mahadev & yes he shakes hi head.

The villagers are in front of raja tied in ropes in his palace & crying for forgiveness & pleading profusely by all. The raja says that instead of hanging you I am sending you only to jail so this is forgiveness itself.

Dharmagupta arrives in palace & tells raja to give him punishment of hanging instead of anybody as in have committed this mistake. The raja is surprised to see him & calls his army people. Dharmagupta tells raja that to forgive these all villagers as they were unknown about the wealth from I got. Raja tells him but you knew that this wealth was acquired illegally by dashyu so as you are right that instead these villagers you are the main culprit so raja tells his army to release these villagers & to arrest dharmagupta. Villagers are released but they plead with raja for him too as he had helped them. Dharmagupta explains raja how he got that wealth. Raja says that you are lying so you will be punished but if you honestly tell me whose spy are you then I’ll think of you or you will get death punishment. He prays raja naresh that I am only devoted to mahadev as all we are too but raja says don’t confuse me in your words tell me true or you will be punished. Dharmagupta repeatedly tells raja whatever he had to say has told the truth so now it is you who has to decide if you want to believe or no. Raja angrily tells him that also do not forget that your life will be saved or no will be decided only by me. But dharmagupta replies no raja as you are not my life decider & raja gets angry saying what you said & dharmagupta says that my life’s decider is only one & that is my prabhu mahadev. Raja gets wildly angry & tells him instead of accepting your crime of stealing wealth you are trying to bully me hence nobody can stop your death punishment now so tomorrow’s sunrise will be your end of life. All villagers are crying for him & guards take him away.

Bhanu also comes running & says what happened dharmagupta & he replies do not worry & keep faith in mahadev prabhu. Bhanu is confused about his faith in god mahadev inspite of death punishment.

Dharmagupta is taken for beheading in front of all. His mother comes running crying for him says putra & he sees her from beheading site & tells her why you are crying as you only have taught me to keep faith in mahadev & then whatever will happen will be good itself. Raja itself is surprised by hearing his talks of faith & happening good but also feels he is bullying me & says now all will understand what happens if they disobey my law & shouts that my decision should be obeyed.

Dharmagupta is trying to get beheaded & all are seeing this while he is in full faith of mahadev. The person lifts the sword to behead but is stopped by some big noise & the raja sees some big sparkles are falling from the sky with arrows & alerts his army about attack by his enemy he guesses. The arrows hit the sword of the person beheading & also the army peoples weapons. Dharmagupta ropes are also released by arrows. Raja is surprised & hides behind his army with the weapons. The arrows are hitting weapons & seeing this dharmagupta jumps down with the sword in his hands to save raja by enemies attacks & stops all arrows coming towards raja naresh. Raja is surprised & happy by seeing dharmagupta saving him who he had ordered for death punishment & dharmagupta is keeping on destroying swords coming towards raja & syas I only have to stop these enemy attacks. Dhramagupta take name of mahadev & starts retaliating the attacking weapons & raja is stunned seeing & thinking he is such a great warrior. Nobody can stop dharmagupta’s retaliation.

The enemy leader accepts he is mahadev devotee & returns back. All villagers & bhanu also praise dharmagupta calling “mahadev devotee” we all praise you & raja is also feeling he can’t be a simple person. Dharmagupta tells raja sorry as disturbance came your work of beheading me so I am again here to complete your task but still I am telling you that my life’s decision is not in your hands as it is only in mahadev’s hands.

Raja naresh tells dharamgupta that it was his mistake to understand you as you alone fought with my enemy so who are you as far as I know that you are child of the beggar woman & by birth as shatriya having such great warrior ship & behavior as devotee so who are you. He replies that he is only devotee of shiv & as per my mother only mahadev is my ultimate life guidance. All has happened by his wishes only & will happen in future by his wishes only. So raja asks that is it that all we do is by his wishes? Yes replies dharmagupta & explains in mantra lines as shivshankar is everywhere & he has only saved me. Raja says that you are in somewhat wrong intuition about shiv inspite you are such good warrior but not intelligent. If you feel he is all mighty god then tell him to show his existence here & clarify your faith in him. Dharmagupta’s mother interferes in-between their conversation & tells raja to not to challenge this devotee of prabhu. But raja says without this it can’t be proved he is faithful devotee of his prabhu if prabhu does not show his existence. Raja & all suddenly hear unknown voice & sparkling lights on them saying it will always happen for him due to his prabhu itself.

Prabhu immerges in form of sadhu from that light & dharmagupta’s mother realizes sadhu. Sadhu explains dharmagupta’s savior as mahadev from jungle as he is child of maharaj vidharbha who was killed by enemies. Sadhu also explains about this to his mother too & all other things happened in jungle for dharmagupt’a life to be saved & to give in your hands for his up-bringing which was done only & only by mahadev itself.

The wealth hidden by dashmukhiya was directed by mahadev only to them says sadhu & given information to raja naresh was mahadev in disguise itself. Raja naresh is surprised. The enemy attacking while dharmagupta beheading was sent by no other than mahadev itself says sadhu.

Dharmagupta finally says that all these explanation given about me in front of us is also no other than prabhu mahadev shivshankar itself. Dharmagupta & his mother bend & pray him to show his original form & mahadev shows & all are shocked & bend on their knees to pray mahadev.

Dharmagupta asks about his mother & father why they were killed & kept me away from their love to get. Mahadev tells him it was the curse of their last birth deeds for which they did not lived for giving love to you but due to their good deeds in this birth you are alive & for which I boon you with honorable life in future for which you have kept full faith in your god shivshankar.

Dharmagupta & all praise prabhu bhikshuvarya means sadhu i.e. mahadev shivshankar.

Ravana narrates future story of raja naresh appointed dharmagupta as his sole admirer & he married his daughter with dharmagupta as he had no son & gave his empire to him. As per mahadev’s blessings dharmagupta earned what was his rights on. Ganesh says & once again mahadev proved his blessings in this world with prompt judgements so you should never lose faith in god as god takes care of all in any form. Ganesh offers water to ravana & thinking about now lanka is not so far now after crossing this river.

Precap: Ravana tells ganesh that inspite learning attitude lessons by devta’s from their mahadev they were not doing good deeds so once again mahadev comes to show them the light of good deeds in new avatar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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