Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Brahmadev goes to kashi.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the yogini’s landing in kashi. They remove weapons and head towards raja devodas’s palace to kill him. kartikeya says what to do now? we have to go and stop the yogini’s. brahmadev says no kartikeya, now if you stop them they wont understand so let them go ahead, something will happen for sure. Ganesh closes his eyes.
There mata adishakti appears in her rudra form and says stop! The yogini’s stop and scared as they see mata adishakti. Mata says how dare you all come to kashi and try to attack raja devodas? He is a dharma nisht raja! Did you think before taking this decision? The yogini say mata, we were worried for your and mahadev’s separation and raja devodas ought to be punished for that. mata adishakti says how did you decide that? this is mahadev’s

kashi nagri and though I was separated from mahadev, we both know raja devodas has not done anything wrong, he is doing what a dharma king should always do! Just look around kashi, see if you can find any adharma that persists here, everything is pure and holy in kashi. The yogini’s look around and see people praying, doing aarti and Pooja and yagya’s and everyone following only dharma under the rule of raja devodas. They then say mata you were right, actually kashi is so peaceful that now even our anger has calmed down and it feels like.. adishakti says yes, it feels like you shall reside here forever. Yogini’s say mata, please give us a place to stay in kashi to all 64 yogini’s. mata adishakti says okay yogini’s and she makes a temple of the 64 yogini devi’s.
Indra dev says wow, see what happened! Even the yogini devi’s are living there now. agni dev says yes, now what do we do? Ganesh says you all don’t say anything, first of all you have done a mistake and mata made everything right by making the yogini devi’s understand! It is understandable that the devi’s want to live there because kashi is truly such a place filled with dharma. Ganesh says agni dev you should understand, you could have been a part of mahadev’s anger and fire can burn everything, you should know it better.
Kartikeya says what to do now? brahma dev says I have a plan, I will go to kashi. This is happening because of the wish I gave to devodas so now I shall take his test, but it wont be easy! It will be very difficult.
Brahma dev goes to kashi and disguises as a rishi! He goes and sits under a tree to pray as he waits for raja devodas to come. Devodas prays at ganga river to brahma dev and then as he goes, he sees the rishi and goes to brahma dev disguised. Devodas says rishi var, who are you? devodas thinks this rishi looks so divya, as if god himself has come here. the rishi says I have come in kashi to do an important yagya and for that I need the help of raja devodas, I have heard he is very dharma nishta but will he help a rishi? I don’t know! Raja devodas smiles and says rishivar, I am raja devodas and whatever help you need I will do it anyhow if possible. The rishi says okay raja devodas, I need your help for my yagya. Raja devodas says I will give you anything that you need, food or gold for the yagya. The rishi says no! I don’t need these things, only your help for my maha yagya. The rishi says raja devodas, I want you to set the agni kund for my yagya and remember it has to be very clean as it is a maha yagya. Devodas says okay and goes.
Ganesh says this is a maha yagya that brahma dev is doing and it is very important for raja devodas to not do a single mistake, if he does it he can be cast to hell too!
There as some servants ready the agni kund for the yagya as raja devodas stands beside. Brahmadev as the rishi comes and gets angry! He says what is this raja devodas? I told you to help me, not your servants, I want you to personally help me but you put your servants to do it. raja devodas says rishi var, forgive me, now you tell me anything and I will do it personally myself. Rishi says raja devodas, I want you to clean the ground using cow dung, can you do it? raja devodas says anything that you say rishi var.
There agni dev says brahma dev has taken the right test, now raja devodas will be proved adharmi because no king will touch cow dung himself. ganesh says agni dev, you have mistake in recognizing raja devodas, he is very dharma nishta and he will do anything because he has no ego of any kind.
There raja devodas takes the cow dung and he puts it all over the ground using his bare hands and then cleans it. raja devodas says what do I do next?
Brahma dev thinks raja devodas truly is dharma adhikari but my test is not over. Rishi says raja devodas, I want you to bring me flowers from the southern jungles away from kashi. Some servants say what? Raja devodas will go so far from kashi? But he wont be able to do it alone, should we do it raja devodas? Devodas says no, you don’t do it, the forest is far from kashi and dangerous too, your lives will be in danger so you stay here, I will go and bring the flowers from the forest myself.

Precap: as raja devodas goes towards the jungle, a demon arises with his army heading towards kashi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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