Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kali tells the story of mata bhuwaneshwari.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh saying after the formation of earth, how was everything else formed mata? Mata kali says what do you see around you ganesh? Ganesh says, the river, oceans, forest, trees, and all nature. Kali says yes, only making earth wasn’t enough, the form of taradevi is very powerful and her urjjaa could destroy the universe if she tried to make the nature. Kali says so I took the form of devi shornashi and mahadev took the form of panchvakra shiv which has 5 heads.
Mata kali continues and says devi shornashi and prabhu panchvakra shiv stood above earth and devi shornashi then placed a bamboo inside the earth and poured one drop of water from her divya kalash, this gave birth to all plant life and then all forests, trees, plants and the nature grew into what we see today.
Suddenly, mata shornashir appears and ganesh and everyone else see and do pranam. Rishi durvasa and martande say prayers and kartikeya thinks mata’s shornashi form is so bhavya and beautiful. Mata kali comes and says my leela created everything. Ganesh says mata I understood, but now that the earth, mahadev, mata shakti, brahma dev, Vishnu dev and suryadev wwere formed, how were the living beings, the rishi’s, the gods, yaksh, gandharva, etc. formed? Mata kali says ganesh you are very intelligent and that is a smart question.
Mata kali says now I will tell you the story of mata bhuwaneshwari and her great leela. Mata says on my orders, brahma dev created and gave birth to all the great rishi’s like vashisht, narad muni and others from his power, they were all human forms and then he created prajapti daksh. Kali says but they had to be continuation of humanity and there was no woman, brahma dev did not have the power to create the continuation of birth in the human forms he created! So he started praying to mata shakti and mahadev! After some time, mata shakti and mahadev appeared as they were impressed by brhama dev’s prayers. In flashback, mata shakti and mahadev appear and brahma dev says prabhu and mata, the human forms and rishi’s have been born but there has to be prajlan and for that you both need to give birth to a man and a woman. Mata shakti says brahma dev, for that I and mahadev need to separate and for the sake of the world we will do that. Mahadev and shakti separate and then they give birth to a man named Manu and a woman named Shatrupa! The story continues and kali says then manu and shatrupa became great humans on earth who gave birth to 2 sons and 3 daughters. Their daughters were married to parajapati daksh and other rishi’s. then prajapti daksh gave birth to many children and his 13 daughters were married to prajapti kashyap. Kali says pajapati kashyap and his wives then gave birth to the gods, rishi’s, gandharva, yaksh, kinnar, demons, rakshas, nag’s, humans, animals, trees, living beings, aquatic animals and all other living beings in this universe!
Ganesh says I understood mata, the earth had formed and now even life had formed on earth, everything was well, but where did everyone live. Mata kali says everyone had their bhavan! Mata bhuwaneshwari’s great form did it.
Mata kali continues and mahadev’s form and mata bhuwaneshwari then came and mata bhuwaneshwari used her power and she started creating the different lok’s for everyone. First the brahma lok was created for brahma dev and whoever lived there neither died or were born and no time existed there. Then gyan lok was created for the very great rishi’s and learned people. Then mahar lok was created as the afterlife where spirits and souls lived and waited for their next birth. Then swarglok was created for gods and gandharva lok for gandharva! All humans lived on earth and many such loks were created for yaksh, kinnar, prajapti, rishi, etc.
Ganesh says then mata, this is all for positive and people who followed dharama, where did the demons live? Mata kali says the lok’s for raksha, demons were created, bhuvan lok, atal lok were all the gold and precious things were kept, vital lok which was similar to atal lok, then sutal lok for asur king raja bali was made and then nag lok for all snakes! In the very last the patal lok where nagraj vasuki lives was created.

Precap: a demon says I will rule over everything. Ganesh says mata who was this demon who wantd to go against the rules of the universe? Kali says it was daruk! Ganesh says how was he stopped? Kali says I supported him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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