Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Upmanyu prays to mahadev.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ravana telling ganesh the story of upmanyu and mahadev’s sureshwar avatar. ravana says upmanyu then took his pot of milk and went to show his friends that even his mother gave him milk, but little did upmanyu know that the milk was nothing but wheat flour mixed in water. upmanyu goes and shows his friends the milk and drinks some, his friends see the pot and see lumps of wheat in it and they touch the milk and say this is not milk upmanyu, this is wheat flour mixed in water. The friends laugh and say upmanyu you were fooled, upmanyu feels sad and angry. Upmanyu says this cannot be, my mother cannot lie to me. upmanyu has tears and he runs away back to his house and says mother, this is not milk but wheat flour mixed in water. why did you lie to me? why mother? My friends laughed at me. mother says son, I am sorry but I cannot give you milk.
Upmanyu says why mother? Mother says upmanyu, we are poor and needy we don’t have the gold to buy milk from someone else and don’t have cows too, your father left us to meditate and now even I cannot do anything, so if you want milk then go and ask it from prabhu mahadev. Upmanyu says mahadev? Mother says yes son, mahadev is the father of the universe and everyone’s god! He is bholenath and he is the most kind, loving and innocent god there is, he helps everyone and if you pray to him, he will help you too. Upmanyu believes his mother and says I will go and pray to mahadev and drink a bowl of milk from his hand, only then I will come back. upmanyu goes.
As he travels through the forests and hills, upmanyu learns the mantras of lord shiva and starts praying to him. as one day upmanyu is going through the forests, he comes across a cow and her calves. Upmanyu sees some wolves have cornered them and he goes to save the cows, upmanyu prays to mahadev and he gets surrounded by the wolves. Upmanyu says I know my prabhu will protect me from everyone, upmanyu prays ot mahadev and says om namaha shivay. The wolves go away and upmanyu saves the cows from the wolves. The mother cow bows to upmanyu and in gestures thanks him for saving their lives. Upmanyu gets the favors of Mata kamdhenu and he continues on his journey to the waterside of the ocean to pray to mahadev.
Upmanyu reaches the waterside and he starts building a shiv ling using the mud and sand. Upmanyu prays to mahadev and his meditationg starts emitting powers from his body. Upmanyu glows like a divine god and golden dust emits from his body. The power of upmanyu’s meditation creates problems for the gods. Chandra dev decides to test upmanyu’s bhakti and so he appears in front of upmanyu. Upmanyu opens his eyes and says Chandra dev? Chandra dev says yes upmanyu, I am impressed by your bhakti and so have brought you a golden pot of milk, it is a divine vessel.

Precap: Mahadev takes the form of devraj indra and parvati takes form of devi sachi. Mahadev and parvati test upmanyu, mahadev summons lightning using Vajra astra. Upmanyu prays to mahadev.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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