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Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with princess is seeing her son while leaving towards sea water & as she bends down the crocodile pulls her & bites her while she is crying for help from prabhu to save her child. One crocodile comes out from water & moving towards the child & princess shouts that nothing will happen son she says & you will be saved by prabhu’s blessings where you are now. One off crocodile pulls her in water & kills her & another is moving towards the child. Suddenly shiva kund enlights sparks & kills the crocodile & the child is saved.

Ganesh tells ravana that this was great by prabhu to save the child & talks about how the childs life journey started by birth to a princess & now under security of mahadev without anybody as their

father & mother both are killed & who becomes mahadev’s then he is always secured. This is the main reason of faith in mahadev & continues the story of more dangerous.

While becoming dark various kinds of sounds are echoing from the jungle near that child & a lion & a woman are walking through the jungle separately. The woman is praying prabhu  & feels how she has lost her way. She walks from besides the shiva kund & child without noticing & lion is watching her moving as the night is very dangerous. She is crying for help to mahadev while losing her way & wishes not to become more darker & she is confused where to go. The lion is seeing her & roaring & she understands that so she tries to run other side & while running she faces more & more such animals & as moving a tree falls in front of her. She is scared but she understands why it is happening so uses her brains & moves with fire stick in hands & while moving comes again to the same place, hears the voice of child crying near shiva kund & gets surprised seeing the child in jungle. She goes to see the child & thinks how come this child here & where can be childs mother & gets confused. She sees the clothes flowing in sea water & understands that she is killed by some animal here. She keeps her fire stick & lifts the child in her hands. A Brahmin sadhu immerges & tells her that it seems the child needs you that’s why fate has brought both of you over here. You both are alone in this world so you do this child’s  upbringing as he will take care of you in your old age. She accepts & is happy & loves the child. The sadhu Brahmin vanishes. The woman understands the greatness of mahadev to join them both by his blessings. She talks with the child & due to mahadev’s blessings you are my support of my life now as I have to give you food & shelter to up-bring you now. Mahadev will  bless us.

Ganesh talks with ravana about this.

The woman while moving from jungle with the child in her hands gets blessings & support by stormy weather too by getting cloth on childs body. She is happy walking with the child & all hurdles are cleared from her path.

Ganesh says to ravana that who has faith in mahadev will always be looked after by his blessings & ravana tells the same of child that he also cared of both his mothers.

The child grown little is praying mahadev with his mother. He asks who is mahadev & why we should keep faith in him. She explains him all the things about mahadev to always pray him & keep faith in him & he will always care of you.

Ravana continues the story with ganesh & tells about his this mother’s upbringing a trouble some for her due to her illiteracy so facing short of food & life for child too. But whenever they feel trouble it was always cleared.

The child comes running to mother feeling hungry but his mother is tensed as ther is no food but suddenly some one comes at their door & keeps saying Prasad is brought. She is happy & starts feeding the child telling him as prabhu’s Prasad. Once the child falls sick by fever & she is doing various things to make his health good. She is crying to child of her poorness but the child replies that you only say to keep faith in mahadev so why you worry. He will take care of us & a Vaidya comes & makes him good.

The child & mother goes in the village & child sees all childrens sitting in a school so asks her when I will also go? She is confused due to her poorness but tells him when mahadev blesses then you will go. A buffalo comes running very fast towards the child & mother & suddenly the enter the school premises to get saved & buffalo passes. She asks forgiveness to guru of school but guru stops her with the child & tells her as you have already entered into school so now onwards you are also my student. The child & mother is happy. The child walks towards the guru & prays him. Guru asks his name & he states as “Son” as his name is son & guru is confused. All childrens laugh on this. The child explains guru by what all names he is called by various peoples & hence you can call by any name to me. But gurudev gives him new name as “DHARMAGUPTA”. The child bends & prays guru & is happy with the name given by his gurudev.

The child is grown-up at a matured age.

Ravana continues the story with ganesh.

Dharamagupta is walking from the jungle with his friend & his friend stops him saying this is wrong path but dharamagupta gives him knowledge of mahadev & to keep faith in him. They keep walking & come around at piled stones. Dharamagupta tells his friend bhanu to clear these stones as there is something below this hidden. He finds a cloth bag with jewellery inside & becomes happy & greedy. He tells dharmagupta that we will share this & our life will get survived by this. Dharmagupta is against this which he says is wrong as per his thoughts. These wealth is squeezed or stolen from tourists which is very wrong by us to take so we give it to raja as he is having full faith in mahadev.

Ravana continues the story with ganesh of future outcome of dharmaupta changing his mind while going & becoming selfish towards wealth taking to raja.

Dharmagupta & bhanu sees the villagers on the way in trouble & stops there to use this wealth for them who are so hungry & without any food & water with their childrens too. Bhanu warns dharmagupta before using this wealth as they will fall in trouble & will be against raja’s wishes for which we will become their enemy. But dharmagupta reminds of his blessings of his mahadev on him & he has faith in him. What will happen will always be good.

Ganesh is continued with future story by ravana of this outcome too.

One person comes to raja naresh’s palace & tells him about this wealth being found & distributed in villagers for their food & shelter. The raja is angered & calls senapati angrily.

Precap : Raja shouting Dharamagupta who is arrested & brought in palace by raja’s army. He is taken to behead & will not be saved by his death says raja but dharmagupta is feeling faith in his mahadev while beheading & says whatever will happen will be good iself.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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