Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Bhanugopan & his asoor brother are attacking kartik’s army.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with unknown woman doing pooja of kartik’s statue while devsena is watching & thinking of what to do to tackle this woman? Kartik is planning war strategy with all. Ganesh gives knowledge of snake powers which has come in form of bhanugopan while he is challenging kartik using his weapon show from his hands. Vishwakarma is detailing ganesh & kartik about bhanugopan.
The mother’s of asoors are restless watching her sons in battlefield & discussing about there pains while soorasahi tortures them saying to not to stop my work given & they are doing the work again.
Vishwakarma watches this & feels pained seeing how come such kind of treatment can soorasahi give to my daughter’s while gajmukhi tells him she has not spared her own daughter so who are your daughter’s & he is expressing his helplessness to her.
Soorasahi is playing her emotions with soorapadman & he is giving assurance to fight with all powers in this battlefield against gods & she is happy hearing him while his brother plans to disclose all truth to him now as he too has lost his son & he goes & tries to stop soorapadman telling him all the truth what she had told to their father of sacrificing all of us for her selfishness but he denies & shouts him saying it’s good that whatever mother told father its correct as it’s because of her we are in this world & also it’s because of her we can enjoy this powerful kingdom so you have no rights to talk anything wrong about her & now go & see how bhanugopan tackles with the gods & he leaves but soorasahi had created herself in form of soorapadman to tackle her hurdle of sooradpadman’s brother to overcome him & she feels happy saying you will also face my power. Soorasahi had watched soorapadman’s brother watching hiding talking with sorrapadman so she planned this trick to tackle him.
Bhanugopan is challenging kartik along with gods to come ahead for fight & as they come ahead, bhanugopan attacks with his weapon towards gods army making them stuck at one place & kartik is watching this so plans to face them while ordering gajamukhi & vishwakarma to go & look about vishwakarma’s daughter’s. Kartik jumps & overcomes their weapon attack on gods & bhanugopan is surprised.
Ganesh intimates what bhanugopan can plan now & he attacks other weapon powers of lightning shocks & also challenges kartik now how can they be saved by this & he shoots his arrow which creates storm in front of gods troubling them but are moving ahead & asoor’s are attacking arrow weapons while ganesh informs them to be alert & veerbhau including his brothers facing big trouble saying they are attacking unknowingly & veerbhau is trying to tackle the weapons diverting them with his weapon but a sword hits veerbhau & kartik is shocked to see veerbhau getting hit.
Soorasahi & soorapadman are watching this very happily while soorasahi sees vishwakarma & gajmukhi arriving & thinks must be to look of his daughters conditions. The asoor’s mothers are feeling stormy weather disturbing them & also the unknown woman with devsena also feeling trouble doing pooja in stormy weather.
Bhanugopan & his brother are attacking gods while gods are trying to tackle their attacked weapons & kartik becomes strong to attack them. Kartik watches them shooting weapons on helpless army which is cruelty so he takes his new form to show them his powers of brightness to stop their stormy power & all are praising kartik while asoor’s are shocked to see their powers getting washed out. Ganesh is praisng kartik’s this kind of form & soorapadman is shocked saying how can such powers he has.
Devsena is praising the woman how with dedication she is doing pooja of swami but I am restless besides her & she remembers ganesh given her peacock mirror to see swami whenever she feels so she looks into mirror watching kartik happily.
Bhanugopan & his brother are trying to watch kartik’s form closely but feels can’t see properly due to very bright light but his brother says I can only see his weapons & kartik uses his powers to disturb their weapons while veerbhau’s brother understands kartik’s signal given to him & he uses his weapons to throw towards bhanugopan’s brother & makes him half naked throwing all his weapons towards him & soorapadman watches this shockingly.

Precap : Bhanugopan challenges kartik using his powers towards gods army throwing them with his powers in the depth of sea while kartik immerges with his form to control his powers. Devsena prays her swami kartik in mirror & requests him to immerge with his future wife but she sees the unknown woman & gets depressed making her fall down from the end of mountain while the unknown woman runs shouting towards devsena.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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