Vidya 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Nanku gets punished

Vidya 30th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vivek saying I don’t want to talk to you about Vidya, she is a cheater. Avtaar gets angry on him. Guards catch Avtaar. Vivek says leave him, did you feel bad that I called her a cheater, you are venting anger on me, you could go in jail for this. Avtaar goes. Vidya apologizes to Vivek. She asks him not to hate her like this. He says I m not angry on you, don’t hide any truth from me again. They hold hands. Vidya’s dream ends. She sees Vivek coming to the court. She goes to talk. Vivek is busy in work. They go for the court hearing.

Judge asks them to get the culprit to the court. Nanku is brought there. Vidya gets shocked seeing Nanku and his gang. She thinks did Vivek call me here for this reason. She tells the judge about Nanku’s evil. Kalindi tells the truth. Lawyer asks judge to free his client Nanku. Judge says after seeing all the witnesses, we conclude that we accept the bail since there is no proper evidence against Dharma, Sandeep and Ranjana. Nanku smiles. Jagat gets lifetime punishment. Judge tells about Nanku’s crimes, he gets the death sentence.

Nanku gets angry and sees the lawyer. He stares at Vidya. Vidya says we have to check about coming tasks. Vidya sees him. Avtaar and Maa beat up Bablu at home. Vidya is brought to the school. Santosh asks her not to fire her from work. She says I know just you and Vivek will rule here now. Vidya asks is Vivek here. Dharma comes home and stops Avtaar from beating Bablu. Avtaar asks did you run away from the jail and come. Dharma says I got released with respect, did you think that I will be in jail. Avtaar says I will not leave you. Dharma warns him. He argues with Avtaar. Avtaar says Vidya gave the statement, she had gone to the court for this. Santosh apologizes to Vidya. Vidya thinks why did Vivek send me to the school. Santosh says you are called to the principal’s office. Anand says congrats, Vivek has sent me to you with these orders, you are the school principal now. Santosh hears this and is shocked. Vidya thinks why did Vivek do this.

Vidya says I have to meet Vivek once. She sees Vivek and goes after her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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