Vidya 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Vidya tells her plan to Vivek

Vidya 15th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avtaar asking Vidya to come for a talk. Dharma says Parvati will tell me the matter. Vidya tells Maa about the three people who can give statement against her. She tells the plan. Maa goes to Dharma and says Vidya told me that she got a witness on her side. Dharma worries. Dharma imagines himself in the jail. He stops Bablu from saying anything. He asks Maa what was Vidya saying. Maa says she said Avtaar has gone to meet the witness. Dharma says who knows who is the real culprit, I will go to the village and see what’s happening. He goes out. Avtaar follows him. He says now Dharma will give me a lead. Nanku asks Ranjana not to do anything without telling him, she has to learn a lot. She asks him not to worry.

He says I haven’t seen my daughter since long, when you come next time, get her along, I will be glad to see her. Ranjana promises him that he will be home in some time. Vivek asks how could you not find out. Anand says sorry, Avtaar had seen me. Vidya comes and says Anand, don’t worry, I will tell it to Vivek. She gives Anand’s id card. She says I got this at the school. Anand says sorry and goes. Vidya says I know you believe me, I can’t do such a thing. He asks did you come to say this and clarify. She says I didn’t do anything, why would I clarify, I have come to say my plan.

She tells her plan. She says I will spread the news that I got one witness on my side. Dharma calls Ranjana and says a witness has met Vidya. Ranjana asks how can this happen, I will find out. Nanku asks is everything fine. Ranjana says yes. She calls the goon. The goon goes. Avtaar looks on. Vidya says we will reach the witness and culprit. Goon sees Tripathi and other witnesses. Avtaar looks on and catches them. Ranjana calls Dharma to meet. Avtaar scolds Tripathi and points the gun. Vidya says we will get those people and bring their truth out, I will be proved innocent. Vivek says wow, what a plan, like they are culprit in your eyes, you are also doing a crime, Avtaar will beat them and make them admit truth, they are official witnesses, you are planning to kidnap them. She says Avtaar would have kidnapped them.

Ranjana tells Dharma that Avtaar kidnapped the witnesses. Ranjana says I will kill Vidya’s plan. He asks her to call Nanku. She asks him to stay in his limits. He says think what will happen if those three change their side. She says I will find them, no need to tell Nanku. Vidya explains Vivek. She says you have helped me as you believe me. Vivek gets angry. She says I want to talk to you today, who knows what happens tomorrow, if I fail, then I won’t show you my face, I m true, so I m meeting your eyes and talking to you. He says so you think I should believe you by the truth of eyes. She says I don’t care what others think, I can’t live by becoming a culprit in your eyes.

Avtaar scares the witnesses. Tripathi asks Avtaar not to take law in his hand. Avtaar scolds them for the lies. He says you all did wrong and blamed Vidya. He says I will teach you the law by beating you well and then throw you in the lake, the crocodile will do the rest of the work. Vivek says laws decide if you are culprit or innocent, I m sure you don’t know it, the constitution of India, the indian penal code, I have protect it at any cost, you know what charges can get on you, tampering of evidence, your bail can get cancelled. She says then do it, I will be satisfied that I did wrong and got punished. She takes Gita.

She says you got knowledge from those books, I got knowledge from Gita, sometimes we have to take the path of lies to save the truth. She says you remember when you told Gita lesson to the villagers. I m doing this to get justice for Chanda, I will get the culprits punished.

Vidya leaves. Vivek stops her. He says you have to know something, do you understand what you have to do. She nods. Ranjana points gun at Vidya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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