Vidya 14th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Vidya misunderstands Vivek

Vidya 14th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandeep saying Vivek helped me before and now he is blaming me. Vivek says you don’t know his truth, he is not a nice guy. Inspector gets the file and says this has info about Sandeep. Vivek checks it. Dharma worries. Vivek checks the file. Avtaar asks what did you find out. Vivek says how can this happen. Sandeep thinks Nanku kept wrong documents and saved me. Sandeep also checks the file and gives it to Vidya. He smiles and says this is my truth.

Sandeep says this file has my truth. Vivek says Sandeep would have made these fake papers with the help of Nanku. Sandeep asks who is Nanku. Bholanath comes there to bless Vidya. Avtaar introduces Vidya and Sandeep. Bholanath praises Sandeep. Sandeep says I didn’t get these papers, you got the papers, is it true that you like Vidya, I will go if you don’t want this marriage to happen. Dharma begs him not to go. Vidya signs no to Dharma. She apologizes to Sandeep. She asks Vivek to leave.

Vivek says its Nanku’s drama. Vidya says I know whose drama is it. She asks Sandeep to save Dharma’s respect. Nanku laughs. Jagat asks what happened, tell me, I will also laugh. Nanku says have patience. Avtaar says its about Vidya’s life, you can’t blame Sandeep and break this marriage. Vivek says you all came in his words, you don’t trust me. Vidya asks who are you, by what right are you taking relations, you are a friend and broke the limits, you have no right to decide for my life. Sandeep says if you trust me, then I have no objection with this marriage. Vivek asks Avtaar to do the tilak rasam. Avtaar does the rasam.

Sandeep comes to meet Nanku. Nanku welcomes him. Sandeep says Vivek would have sent me to jail today. Nanku asks what happened. Sandeep says Munni and her mum came there, Vivek got in between. Nanku laughs and asks will you take the miracle. Sandeep says yes. Nanku asks the lady to come. Munni’s mum comes there. Kalindi looks on. Nanku says sometimes we have to put our minister at stake to kill the opponent king, so that the opponent thinks he is going to win and he takes some wrong move in hurry. He recalls making his plan. He asks Munni’s mum to take Munni to Vidya’s tilak. He scares her. He says I shouldn’t get annoyed with you. FB ends.

He says you did as I said. Nanku says now you go there and rest, ask money if you want. He asks her to leave. Sandeep says now I know why you send me to donate the money, so that Bholanath comes to praise me. Nanku says Vidya’s slap gave me a wound on my heart, I will give such a wound to Vivek that he will remember always, until then I will keep this wound fresh. Vidya is at the pool side. She sits sad. Vivek comes to talk. He says you really think that I love you so I m doing all this. She says yes, its truth. He says I don’t need to take support of lies to win my love, Sandeep is Nanku’s pawn. She says you are doing this intentionally. He says you won’t believe me, you have misunderstood me, forget that someone named Vivek in your life, sacrificing love is also love, now this will happen, I m going back to Delhi, if I have hurt your heart, then forgive me. He goes. She looks on.

Vidya is at the school. Tripathi asks her to take the kids on a picnic, she can take care of them well. Vidya asks how can I go. Tripathi says then lets cancel the picnic. The kids insists. Vidya says fine, I will come. They leave. Vidya thinks of Vivek. The bus brakes fail. Vidya and the kids worry.

Vidya and the kids hide from the goons. Meher and Sarabjeet see the bus and bike. They look for the kids.

Update Credit to: Amena

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