Vidya 13th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Vivek gets suspended from duty

Vidya 13th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vidya saying I wanted to tell you that you all didn’t find the truth because of your fear to doubt. The reporter says Vidya has revealed about the artist, it wasn’t Shankar ji. Vivek’s mum sees the news and says she has gone mad to admit the truth. Vidya says I wanted to tell that its wrong to have blind beliefs. Vivek thinks why did you tell this. Nanku says you have used Lord name for getting a chance, you made fun of our devotion, you can make fun of this matter, I m ashamed to say this, this is Adharm, a sin, you cheated all of us. The people say yes, its wrong. Vivek stops Nanku and says don’t forget that you have come from the jail some days back. Vivek’s mum sees this on the news and worry.

Nanku asks Vivek to do his duty. He says love is such a thing that a person’s senses get ruined. Guru ji scolds Vidya. Vivek worries. Vidya asks them to stop and listen to her once. Vivek says stop, I have done the mistake and hired the artist, the one who did mistake should be punished, Vidya is taking the blame on herself. Vivek’s mum worries and says what are you doing. Vidya says he is doing this to save me, don’t do this. He asks why, did you think of the result. Nanku says we have no time to see their love competition, you decide who has made fun of our devotion, Vivek is misusing his powers. The minister comes there. Nanku asks him to see what is Vivek saying. Minister says I can’t believe it, you can do such a thing because of your relation with Vidya. He gets suspended. Vidya gets shocked. Vivek stops Vidya. Nanku looks on.

Vidya says its not Vivek’s mistake. The officer says there will be enquiry against him. He comes home and finds his mum crying. He consoles her. She scolds him for showing such a day. She says you got blind in love and risked everything, you didn’t think of yourself once. She throws things. He says you don’t talk to me, Vidya is illiterate, even then you made her a school principal, you will lose job and can get jailed as well. Nanku says temple construction has started, even then it will take time, Bholenath will stay here so that puja keeps happening. Jagat praises him. Nanku asks him to prepare for sacrifice of someone’s life, the people are angry, their Dharm is challenged, they got cheated, now we have to do something, there is no face of the crowd.

Jagat agrees. He meets his goons and says there is a word. The man asks what to do. Jagat throws the bottle. Vivek and his mum are worried. Vidya comes home and sees them. Vivek’s mum goes and locks the room. Vivek goes after her. Vidya picks the broken things. Vivek’s mum says I don’t want to see her face. Vidya asks are you fine. Vivek says yes, I m suspended, but I m fine, mum’s health is spoiling because of stress, what was the need to do all that, I did this to save the school, my mum, you and this school are most imp to me, you have spoiled the kids’ future, now they won’t get education, they will just become labors now, their parents won’t send them far to study. She cries.

Vidya sees the angry crowd coming to beat Vivek. Vidya says we have to leave from here immediately. They get shocked seeing the people at the gate.

Update Credit to: Amena

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