Vidya 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Nanku reveals his plan

Vidya 12th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nanku telling his plan. He says I had send Sandeep there to marry Vidya for my sake, and bride will get 10 crores dowry also, it was all my plan. Jagat asks why did you send Mohan and Bablu to stop the marriage. Nanku says so that Sandeep becomes great in Vidya’s eyes, Sandeep has become great now. He asks Kalindi not to think of making any mistake now. Vivek says Sandeep is really a good guy, he supported Vidya, I m sure he will keep Vidya happy.

She asks what about your happiness. He says it doesn’t matter. She says I have to go back to Delhi, I will be worried for you there. He says I will drop you to airport. She says don’t worry, Anand will send two constables with me, until you are with Vidya, everything will be fine. Maa says I wish you stay happy Vidya. She asks Vidya to make food, Dharma will come home and have food. She goes to the temple. Jagat says you are great. Nanku says you think I m mean, there are many mean people in this village. He calls someone. Dharma comes there. Everyone gets shocked seeing him.

Dharma smiles. Nanku says welcome. Kalindi gets angry. Nanku says so he is the king of all the mean people. He says you should do drama, you do drama well, I will give you money right away. He asks Ranjana to get money. He says you will get the remaining money after the marriage. Jagat asks what’s this game. Nanku says I have written this entire drama, I got Dharma’s fake disease planned, Dharma has no disease, Dharma asked Vivek to help him on my saying, Sandeep will marry Vidya and go away to Mumbai, she will be away from Vivek, he will stay in my house, I will do anything I want with her. Jagat smiles. Nanku says Vidya will stay caged forever, I will show Vidya the result of having enmity with me. He smiles.

Dharma and Maa do arrangements of function. Munni and her mum comes. Avtaar also comes. He touches Dharma’s feet and hugs him. Dharma gets surprised. Avtaar says you are going to do a good thing. Dharma says I just want Vidya to stay happy. Avtaar says I was trapped in some work. He greets Maa and goes. Dharma says meet her for the last time. Bablu sees him smiling. Dharma acts. Munni comes and hugs Vidya. Munni’s mum recalls her mistake and apologizes to Vidya. She goes. Avtaar comes and apologizes to Vidya. Vidya says I forgot you are busy in work.

He says yes, but I will solve your problems first now. She says I will go to school now. He says take leave now, no need to teach, once you get married, Nanku’s problem will end. She asks why are you stopping me now. He says I was helpless before. She says I m willing to work.

He says I don’t see any happiness on your face, do you like Sandeep. She says he is a nice person, my happiness is in Dharma’s happiness. She goes. Maa blesses her. Vivek comes home. Vidya sees him. Avtaar sees them. Vivek says I have come to see if there is any problem in the function. Dharma welcomes him. Vivek turns to see Vidya. She goes. Avtaar thinks why are they behaving like strangers, something happened between them. Maa asks what happened. Avtaar says I had my phone here. The boy sees Naagin show promo on his phone. Avtaar tells Maa about the new show. Vidya comes to school and recalls Vivek’s words.

Munni sees Sandeep and says he had hurt Nanku’s mum and see. Vivek and Munni’s mum get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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