Vidya 10th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Vivek questions Vidya’s decision

Vidya 10th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vivek saying you don’t keep friendship with me, but don’t ruin your life, you don’t marry a stranger, you tell me once to go away, I won’t show my face again, think again about your life and decide, you got a second chance in life. She says I thought well, Dharma and Maa decided this. He says you have to decide it. She says what’s bad if they take the decision. He says its good that they decide, but are you happy with this decision. She says yes, if my family is happy, I m happy, when I came in this house, I lost my husband, the family lost him and struggled a lot, if they get happy by my marriage, I will do it, they got insulted by our friendship.

He says yes, I didn’t understand that you are marrying to get their lost respect back. He says forgive me, you are great to sacrifice, maybe you can ruin life but not lessen fake respect. He claps and says what a thinking. She asks why are you talking like this. He says I m helpless to talk like this, we were friends, whatever, you regard me a friend, maybe I was your best friend, when you know I love you, then why can’t you marry me.

Bablu and Mohan think how to stop the marriage. Bablu says what if we send Dharma to heaven. Mohan asks him not to make mad plans. They get arguing. They fight. The people look on. Jagat looks on. He stops them. Vivek asks can you friends not marry, can’t they fall in love, is it my big mistake, didn’t you see my love in my eyes. Vidya looks at her. He asks her to answer, why can’t she marry him. He says if you don’t answer, I will think you agree with me, or you have no answer for me. She says I have an answer, you taught me to clarify, I will prove that I won’t forget your teaching. He says tell me.

She says you want to know why I can’t marry you, I regarded you true friend and worshipped you, person can’t love and marry Lord, you cheated me, I thought our friendship is pure and showed belief in it, I didn’t know what you are thinking. She says I can’t argue with people all life, I will support my family, I will spend my life like this, whatever I did was for my family. Nanku does charity. Bablu and Mohan smile seeing the money. Nanku asks did you understand what to do. He asks them to break Vidya’s marriage to get money. They say it will be done.

Vidya says I have no complains with my life, you would get your answers. Vivek says no, but yes, I understood your perception. Vidya says its true, its truth of my life, it will be good if you accept this. He says the biggest truth is you hate me, but I promised Dharma, I keep promises, its matter to few days, you have to bear my face, my hope ended, I will get you married, I won’t be able to forget you until I see you marrying someone, congrats. He smiles. He asks her to smile. Kuch aise rishte….plays….He goes. Bablu and Mohan come home and play a drama. They greet Sandeep. They say you are great to agree to marry Vidya, her fate is so bad, that she ruins any house. Dharma asks Bablu did you lose your mind.

Mohan says Sandeep’s fate will get better when he gets earning girl, so he is marrying Sandeep. Vivek asks what are you saying. Mohan says I have to be sure of the guy, I don’t want anything to be hidden, she is already a widow. Bablu says Sandeep is ready to marry her, despite knowing everything. Mohan asks what’s worse than that. Bablu says villagers said Vivek and Vidya have an affair. Sandeep sees them. Vidya cries.

Vivek says you think you can stay happy. Vidya says I m doing thus for family. Avtaar asks Nanku to forget Vidya, let her go. Nanku says fine, 10 crores, I won’t come in between. Avtaar says I agree.

Update Credit to: Amena

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