Vidrohi 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update: Jagabandhu keeps a Samaroh

Vidrohi 22nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha saying we should encourage the Paikas. Gadadhar says she is right, we should invite Paika in some Samaroh. Jagabandhu says you are right, we should make Paika believe that we should not lose courage, prepare for the Samaroh. Kalyani gets a letter. She checks Fletcher’s letter. She sees the necklace. Maharaj comes and looks on. Fletcher proposes her for marriage. The entire family sits to write the invites. Gadadhar also sits to write. Tulakma says when did he get this courage. Jagabandhu says its our ancestor’s sign. Radha says yes. She cries and goes. Kalyani looks for Mohan. She hugs him. She says we should think about us, why did Jagabandhu beat Fletcher when he himself needed our help. Mohan says he didn’t do anything wrong to slap a bad man. Jagabandhu goes and sees Radha crying. He consoles her. She misses her son. She says I feel lonely, I just pray that he is happy wherever he is. Fletcher gets a body massage done. Charan comes and says I got a big news, Baxi Jagabandhu is gathering his Paika soldiers, they all are coming, something big is going to happen. Fletcher thinks. The man says they know they will lose some day, who can stay in front of DM, he has Indian blood in him. Charan says just do the massage. The man says who can serve him well. Charan asks him to let them talk. The man angers Fletcher. He says I got to know that Fletcher liked a princess, after all he has indian blood in him. Fletcher gets angry on him. The man runs. Fletcher says I will see how Paikas gather there if I announce a curfew. Charan says fine, but what is curfew.

Jagabandhu prays. Amba asks were you like this in childhood. Gadadhar says I never realized my mistakes. Amba says I m glad seeing you become responsible, everyone can see it. She says you and Tulakma have much difference, she doesn’t believe me. She says don’t compare us, its not good. Radha asks Amba to give prasad to everyone. Amba goes and gives prasad to everyone. Jagabandhu says this Samaroh should get completed once. He gets Fletcher’s letter. He reads it. Jagabandhu says Fletcher raised a curfew command, not more than three Paikas can gather, else they will be shot, we will keep the Samaroh, but how. Maharaj talks to his Senapati. Senapati says we are increasing our army and weapons, we are preparing for the war. Maharaj says this can’t be just Badamba’s fight, we will sacrifice everything but for a bigger mission, I will go and meet Jagabandhu with a tie up proposal. Mohan hears this. Maharaj says Kalyani shouldn’t know this. Mohan runs away. Maharaj asks the guards to do an imp work. Baahu says we had to encourage all the Paikas. Maa says if we keep a Dharmic function, then no one can stop us. Radha says yes, they can’t stop us from celebrating festive. Jagabandhu says yes, we can keep Shastra puja. Maa says we will do this puja in a big Samaroh. Jagabandhu smiles.

Maharaj asks Kalyani to come for Mohan’s sake, for his protection. He sends Kalyani and Mohan. Jagabandhu and Radha hold a diya. He says I pray you to get the same strength. Mohan says dad is going to meet Jagabandhu today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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