Vidrohi 21st October 2021 Written Episode: Kalyani gets inspired from Jagabandhu

Vidrohi 21st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maharaj saying the company has sealed the fields. Jagabandhu says we should have a war. Maharaj says you should have not gone to Badamba for collaboration. Jagabandhu asks who told you about it, why are you silent, say something. Fletcher comes there with his soldiers. He says you regard Maharaj as your Lord right, see I m his Lord now, he is my puppet now. Jagabandhu and Paikas look on. He asks Fletcher to stay in his limits. Maharaj says I have accepted the company contract, they are helping us, we should follow their rules, we shouldn’t oppose them. Fletcher shows the fields ashes. He says this is the result of a rebel, this is your place, so Badamba didn’t join hands with you. Badamba Naresh says there is a responsibility to take birth in any family, you and Mohan are the roots and future of my family, its imp to protect you. She says I m safe here, why are you saying this. He shows the secret passage. He says this passage opens up at Mahanadi, my soldiers will take you and Mohan to a safe place. She cries. He says if we lose to the britishers, then Fletcher can kill Mohan and will not forgive you also. She hugs him. Maharaj says forgive me, I have only this option. Fletcher says they couldn’t save their fields, will they save Odisha, do you call them their soldiers, do you all drink, company has much explosives, your bodies won’t be found for the final rites. Fletcher asks the soldiers what did they do before joining the british army. The men say farmer, and other works. Jagabandhu asks Paika what did they do before becoming a warrior. Paika says we were always a warrior. Jagabandhu says do anything, we won’t stop, we are ready, we won’t lose. Fletcher says I accept your Senapati’s challenge. Maharaj worries. Jagabandhu says Maharaj, war will happen now at any cost.

Mohan comes to Kalyani and says I feel scared, dad and you are so silent, you are hiding something. Kalyani says nothing to hide, sleep here today, good warriors should sleep early. Mohan asks her to sing a song for him. She nods. She sings a lullaby. He sleeps. Its morning, Kalyani teaches sword fighting skills to Mohan. He laughs. Senapati comes and says if you want to learn Paika’s way, then learn it from Paika, I know a Paika. He calls a guy. Kalyani asks are you a Paika. The guy greets. Mohan asks did you greet Suryadev. The guy says no, to my Guru, Jagabandhu, he taught me what it means to be a warrior, he has many qualities, he is very brave. Kalyani thinks of Jagabadhu. The guy says impossible isn’t a word for him, he doesn’t forget his humanity even in the madness of war, he doesn’t care for himself, he is a storm himself. Mohan asks him to show the battle moves. The guy shows the sword’s Tandav move. He says another move is to make the opponent lose the weapon. Kalyani recalls Jagabandhu. The guy says this move needs concentration, the warrior looks at somewhere else, and attacks somewhere else, its a move to trick. Kalyani says this happened with me also. She asks is this true that Jagabandhu can break anyone’s plotting. The guy says I think you found a lot about him. She says no, Mohan wants to become a warrior like Paika. She tries the move and recalls Jagabandhu. She smiles. The guy says you tried to do it like Jagabandhu. She says I didn’t wish to, its my own way. He says it seems you don’t think good about him. She asks do I have to marry him that I think of him, there is no place for him in Badamba.

Jagabandhu sees some villagers leaving their village. He asks where are you all going. The man says Britishers have troubled us a lot, forgive us, we lost. Jagabandhu asks is it a solution to fold hands, we will join hands this way. The man says no, forgive us. They start leaving. Jagabandhu cries and sings Meri maa…. He gets all the people on his side. Baahu says we stopped them, but there will be many such villagers, where people will think of leaving, how will we stop them.

Maharaj says I think we should collaborate with Jagabandhu, I see a hope in him, I will go to meet him with the collaboration proposal. Jagabandhu says I wish that Paika Samorah doesn’t go waste. Kalyani says let me stay here and fight. Maharaj sends Kalyani and Mohan to the secret.

Update Credit to: Amena

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