Vidrohi 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Jagabandhu promises Paika

Vidrohi 20th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amba coming to Radha. Radha recalls her promise to Jagabandhu. Amba says everyone can get such love, but not this dedication. She touches Radha’s feet. Amba says even your dedication is amazing, you are waiting for your husband’s return and taking care of Hari. Amba says Jagabandhu is lucky to get you. Radha says I m lucky to get him, he thinks of others before himself, he is ready to make any sacrifice for it. Amba says right, take rest. Radha says he will be coming, until I hear that Badamba’s collaboration is successful, I can’t sleep. Jagabandhu comes. Radha runs to him. He thinks how will I tell them that Badamba refused for the tie up. Radha faints in his arms. He worries for her.

Maa and everyone come. Jagabandhu asks Radha to drink water. Maa asks Radha to break the fast now. He asks what fast. She says Nirjal. He asks Radha to have water. Radha asks him to say did Badamba agree to tie up. He asks her to drink water, else he will keep the Nirjal fast. She drinks. She asks him to say. He says I have to talk to some other Rajya. She asks what, did they refuse. He says Badamba Naresh didn’t refuse, his daughter Kalyani refused. Mohan asks did Jagabandhu come to help us. Kalyani says he came to ask for help. Jagabandhu says she also needs us. She says he had slapped Fletcher and increased our problems. Mohan gets glad. Jagabandhu says she should have thought of it once. Radha asks what did Maharaj say. Kalyani says he should understand our helplessness. Jagabandhu says I understand, our tie up is necessary. Tulakma says we will plan our child. Gadadhar says we are young, what’s the hurry for a child. She says I think you don’t want to have a child with me. He asks her not to say this. He angrily leaves.

Jagabandhu takes care of Radha. She wakes up and says don’t touch my feet. He says I m keeping my seven vows. Radha cries and says maybe my fast lacked something. He says no, Jagannath Swami got happy with your fast and stopped this tie up, maybe he found a better way, have patience. She nods. They see a shooting star. He says it makes someone’s wish fulfilled. Maa says this was our last hope for us, its a big shock for us, dream of freedom is seen by all of us, we may have to lose our everything, its imp that everyone is together, will you support your brother in this fight. Gadadhar thinks. Maharaj recalls Jagabandhu. Kalyani says this should have not happened. Maharaj says Fletcher should have not done this. She asks what if Fletcher does something worse then… I know you are thinking to have a collaboration with Jagabandhu, we shouldn’t do this. He says we accepted that we will have a war, problems will increase because of that creep Fletcher, I felt much hurt when I heard your name from Fletcher, King serves the people, his throne is high to make him see right and wrong clearly, I have to do what’s right for my Praja, that protects you and Mohan. Gadadhar says I m with you, I will make a sacrifice as you say, will you trust me and give me a chance. Radha smiles. Jagabandhu hugs him. Maa smiles happily.

He says Radha’s fast has succeeded, I got my brother. Gadadhar says but I got late. Jagabandhu says no, you came on right time. They take Maa’s blessings. He says my family is with me, we can win any battle. They hear some sound and go to see. They see the Paika fields burning. They get shocked. Maharaj and Kalyani see their state. Senapati says Fletcher is making a plan against us, we should have a tie up with Jagabandhu. Kalyani says you shouldn’t doubt your own army, I will also fight with the soldiers, no one should think that we are weak if we want peace. Senapati says I respect your feelings, I hope that Maharaj understands me. Maharaj says ask the army to get ready for a war.

Jagabandhu sees the fire. He reads the East India company letter, the rights are taken back from Paika, they have to give the farmers tax. Baahu says these britishers have attacked our rights again. The man says we also have a right to protect ourselves, when they had burnt our fields, how will we pay the tax, command us to burn their company office. Jagabandhu says no, they did this to settle scores with me. Gadadhar asks what. Jagabandhu says I had slapped Fletcher in the Badamba Darbar, they want to provoke us. The man says we are ready to pay for that slap, you slap him more, let them burn anything. Jagabandhu says I promise, we will take revenge, but till then, we have to stay together in every joy and sorrow. They all nod.

The man says I have greeted Jagabandhu. Kalyani asks what’s great in him. The man says you don’t think good about it. She thinks of Jagabandhu.

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