Vidrohi 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Jagabandhu wants a war

Vidrohi 15th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagabandhu challenging Fletcher for a fight. They have a wrestling fight. Jagabandhu wins. He says you win to make your hatred win, we fight to not lose what we love. They again fight. Jagabandhu lifts him in the air and threatens him. Fletcher says you go and show anger to your King, he has agreed to this contract for the sake of his freedom, go and him, you think he talks the truth. Jagabandhu and his men leave. Charan asks what did you tell him. Fletcher says I have shaken his belief, he got to know that his Lord has snatched their worship. He asks Charam to spread this news and do his work. Charan agrees. Kalyani talks to her mum. She says I m preparing Mohan for the coming time. Mohan says Kalyani looks like mum. Maharaj says her nature is also like her mum, she used to take care of everyone, she was brave and straight-forward, she was a warrior, when I met her for the first time, she didn’t know who I m, she thought I m an intruder, she hurt me without asking anything. Mohan says I will also use sword like them. Maharaj jokes. They laugh. Kalyani smiles.

Gagadhar is drunk. He recalls Tilokma’s words and goes to rob the assets from Maa’s locker. Maa and Radha have a talk. Maa says your parents won’t be annoyed for long, don’t worry. Radha sees Gagadhar hitting the lock. She comes and gives the key. She says Maa and Jagabandhu think you will support them, its good that their illusion will be broken. He asks what about my hopes, they don’t ask me about anything, what am I doing here, why am I here, who am I, I m nothing, you all are spending everything on the Paika army, what about me, my wife and would be children, why shall I lose everything for them, you remember, what you told me when you came here after marriage, you said you aren’t my Bhabhi, but my Maa, you couldn’t understand my worries, my real mum couldn’t understand it either, I have decided it, give me my share, then do anything you want. He goes.

Jagabandhu meets Maharaj. He says Fletcher told me that you have signed on the contract. Maharaj says I was in the jail, they asked me to sign some papers that’s necessary for my release, it was written in their English, I wasn’t in a state to fight them. Jagabandhu says you got cheated, we should fight them, your Paika is ready to fight, declare the war. Maharaj says no, I don’t want any fight. Jagabandhu gets shocked. He says the Praja was waiting for you to come and free their land and temple, we have hope from you, how will Praja get courage if you lose. Maharaj asks what king, I m not a king, I have no army, you aren’t my Senapati, we couldn’t do anything, I m free now, but I can’t breathe without their permission, I feel ashamed to meet someone, because I m a king for them, but I know I lost to them, can we defeat them, tell me, britishers killed our Rajguru, they snatched everything from us. Jagabandhu says they didn’t snatch our courage, our army is ready. Maharaj says no, I don’t want to talk about it, I don’t want to lose this life, I can see the harm that could happen, I have no courage, war won’t happen. Kalyani takes Mohan to teach sword fighting. The kids come and say we are scared of the britishers. She says you have to win over the fear, then you will get brave. Mohan says I also won over my fear. She ties protective thread to all of them. They hug her. Jagabandhu comes to the army. They say we have prepared ourselves to battle and take revenge for Maharaj’s insult. Jagabandhu says Maharaj said war will happen but we have to wait.

They ask till when and why. Jagabandhu says Maharaj has decided it, we have to respect it, keep practicing. Radha says Gagadhar has tried to rob today, he has much pain in his heart. Maa says I loved both the children the same way, why is he thinking so. Radha says you have to talk to him, don’t be annoyed with him. Jagabandhu comes. He sits sad. He says I lied to Paikas, I couldn’t break their courage and convince Maharaj, but till when. Maa says until you convince Maharaj, you have to ask help from other Rajya. Maharaj and Kalyani also discuss about taking help to fight the britishers. Maa says there is one Rajya free from the britishers. Jagabandhu says Badamba. Maa says they have relations with Maharaj, they will help us. Maharaj says don’t know who is he who will come ahead and help us. Jagabandhu says I will go to Badamba tomorrow. Someone hears their talks.

Kalyani asks who are you, and fights Jagabandhu. He introduces himself.

Update Credit to: Amena

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