His Venture : Slot 3

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Hi ,,,glad to know dat ur lyking the way the story is shaping up…….
Sorry for being late, was out for two days so cudnt manage to update on tym

Sohi; Chiku; nish; sushmita; priya; purnima; presha; yashu; sidmin23; sidmin; kruti; ramya; rutu; aanya
Tqs a lot loads sweethearts…???

Recap: twinjs convo full of sacarsm n arrogance, Vardhan (twinkles superior) assures her dat soon things vl turn up wen she goes to convey him dat dey cudnt extract any information from kunj

Slot 3:

Kunj squeezed he’s eyes, the tiredness had turned he’s body numb, he hated to SLP for dat long in d plane white room…
He knew dat it was medicines which prolonged he’s sleep..
Once he took the support of the pillow n rested he’s head, he cud feel he’s muscles aching at every joint as he stretched he’s arms n legs ..
He had been struck to the bed for past two days, and he was in need of some exercise
He looked around, unable to spot anyone he lowered hes right leg n b4 he cud make contact wid the crafted tiles, a voice broke out…
“Don’t even think of it” twinkle warned as she came into Kunjs room

“What do u think I was trying to do?” Kunj asked raising he’s eyebrow

Twinkle walked beside d bed post as if d answer was evident she didn’t care to reply

Sensing her disinterest in d conversation which she herself initiated,
“If u have ever worked wid ur eyes open, then u wud have known dat no one tries to escape in dis manner” kunj grumped

“Did I say  u were trying to escape?” she asked still disinterested in he’s talks

“Were u bought up in d jungle??bcz u sulk in socializing”he reasoned

“I have been said worest by better” she said casually refilling the d bottle hung above d bed post with d support of steel rod

“How arrogant can she prove to be?”  kunj questioned himself..
Twinkled  stood ryt front of him, wanting himself to break from he’s cocoon so dat she wud start her session

Kunj looked up, finding her so near to him, he raised his eyebrow …
She let out a sigh, understanding what he’s actions meant, she choose to make herself comfortable on d couch placed right  nxt to him

“What do u want” kunj glared clearly not trying to hide he’s disappointment..

“Answers” twinkle replied sliping back to her mode of handling case

“The question?” Kunj asked

Twinkle cud detect resentment in his voice, but she didn’t give a damn abt it

On the other hand ,The view of Mumbai jz Afr the rainfall looked soothing for the locals, except for one soul

Yuvraj kept wandering in d pent house…he walked to n fro, analyzing every possibility.He sat down murmuring to himself..
‘Where Ru?? Not a sign from past two days, and i come here to ur house n all I get to know is ur not even home’

He palmed his face trying to calm he’s nerves, ‘I need to find u kunj, hook or crook ,I don’t care, I vl find u’ he assured to himself. ..
He had searched the whole house ,but he cudnt find anything out of place
Yuvraj had crashed out to every place where kunj wud hangout, kunjs friends where not of much help either..

He kept scrowling through kunjs cell phone which he had recoverd from bed side in kunjs bedroom…
One thing was sure, kunj NVR moved out without carrying he’s cell phone…
Suspicious, UV took up d task gng through d cctv footage of the house…
He sighed n fell back on d couch…
Everything was jz the way when he had dropped by to meet kunj 3 days ago, now all of a sudden kunj went missing…

The CCTV footage was clean, no sign of anyone breaking through d main door, it also indicated d fact dat kunj didn’t come home dat day evening….Which meant kunj was probably kidnapped
Yuvraj( UV)  had called numerous tyms on kunjs cell phone but no one picked on d other side, frustrated he had walked into kunjs isolated pent house away from the city to find out dat he’s friend had gone missing…
But one thing fell out of place, ‘y did kunj drop he’s phone @ home, which was very unusual of him’ This thought kept crawling in UV’s mind, for which he had no answer

Kunj stared back at twinkle expecting her to question him..
“What’s ur profession?” she finally blurted out

“Well u had ur dogs following me for a long tym, so dey must have found out what I do for living ryt?” Kunj replied taking no interest in her session

“This attidude of urs vl drag u into deep trouble” she warned him

“And this attitude of urs can only increase ur blood pressure and nothing else” he mocked her

“What is ur profession?” She repeated

She was trying hard not to sound desperate, she needed her answers soon ,so dat she cud plan her next move b4 he does his

“I work in an MNC” he replied promptly

“I asked what’s ur profession, not what  u do for ur living?” She grated

“Well, Miss Twinkle I think u didn’t learn ur English lessons properly back in elementary school” he chuckled

“Bcz profession means what a person does for living and that I already answered u” kunj reasoned

“U lyk nagging is it not Mr Sarna?” She asked holding on to her nerves

“Ur not dat comfortable to talk u know, so nagging is out of the question” he smiled

“Ur creeky jz lyk this bed, totally uncomfortable” he suppressed a laugh

“In that case y don’t u slip into something  more comfortable? Like a coma” she suggested flapping her eyelids lyk a innocent 3 year old kid

“Well y don’t u apply for teachers post at kindergarten school, u are very good at showing , what pun, irony, and different elements of english literature mean” he bit he’s lower lip, glad abt he’s reply

“U seemed to be obsessed with ‘schools n teachers’, I see” she stressed on her statement

“U vl soon get used to my sessions, I guarantee, u won’t be leaving us dat early” she added
Flashing a victory smile

“What do u want?” Kunj asked no longer enjoying the nagging session

“What is it, abt which ur so secretive” she asked immediately
Kunj stared at her

Lucy kept growling at how insensitive Kunj is, to her partner, Aoarn
“He’s so indecent” she complained gritting her teeth remembering her first encounter with him

“Lucy, we don’t deal with normal ppl anyhow, so y Ru feeling offended, its not dat ur first day on job” he answered clearly not understanding why was Lucy freaking out knowing her job very well

“I’m not offended, its jz his confidence which intrudes me” she murked

“He’s no less than a criminal lucy” Aoarn spoke

“I know, a dangerous one indeed, who keeps himself disguised all the tym “she answered

“Ya , a hard nut…Twinkle was ryt, this fellow is not dat easy , hes defiance is very irritating” he growled
And trudged past her, calling it a day

Kunj stood taking support of the wall when twinkle finally let go of her questions and had walked out
He felt weak, he had only survived on the liquid dat was passed on to he’s body by the capillary running from he’s wrist, which he had got rid of once he had woken up..

Deprived of nutrious food, he felt dizzy, but once he decided to rest he wud soon be injected to keep him sleeping for long hours..He was hungry, he’s mind repelled any thoughts to keep him conscious… He sighed and stood der leaning towards the wall, hoping to move out from der as soon as possible…
He knew by now UV might have found out that he was kidnapped.. But reaching him was not easy, he himself was unaware where he was kept..The room had no windows , the tube lights provided the required light throughtout day n nyt making it difficult for him to know the standard time…
He needed energy to keep his mind working, he needed to reach out to UV asap or else he had  to make sure dat UV reached him…

Precap: A Sneak into twinj n UVs mind

Vl soon be back with next part…
Till then stay happy ☺
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Maggi signing off
Luv ???

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  1. Sohi

    Good going dear
    Is kunj a criminal
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    It was awesome I love twinj conversations it was good

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    Awesome amazing

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    Hey it was awesome loved it
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    Loved it ???
    Twinjs conversation was just too good …. Awesome…..
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    U r suspense queen maggie????????????
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  7. it was just fab maggi dii….post nxt part soon

  8. Aanya_pandey

    What tashan both are showing each other!!! So good to read that!!!

  9. Awesome amazing Maggie
    Loads of love keep smiling

  10. Kruti

    Loved d epi Twinj convo was just amazing
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  11. Baby

    ohhhh god amazing di☺
    loved it sooo mch♥
    it was too good amazing ☺
    d way kunj mocked twinkle wow☺
    bt srsly di u r sooo amazing always dese suspensful stories ☺
    i mean how loved it♥♥♥
    love u lods☺☺☺☺☺

  12. hey maggie,, i jst luv u r way of writing…evry minuscle detail abt kunj is nice..mutual mocking of kunj nd twinkle is lovely….
    by the way precap too sounds intresting..keep gng
    loads of luv maggiee

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