Veera 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev asking Ranvi to sign fast as his first min is over. Ranvi asks for his guitar. He sings Tumhari baatein itne haseen hai………………… He sings very well and plays music himself. Megha and Gunjan smile. He sings Kuch is tarah teri palkein………………….Rishabh and Dev are shocked seeing his strong performance. Gunjan gives a flying kiss to Ranvi. Everyone clap for him. Dev says wow, what a fantastic performance, well done, make a vote appeal now. Ranvi makes a vote appeal. Dev tells about Ranvi’s struggles and his background. He says how he is singing in a small bar to make an earning. He insults Ranvi showing sympathy. He says I hope you get a good break and who knows this show can make it possible.

Dev tells the next round which will be singing plus dance round. He asks them to starts rehearsing with their partners. Only 4 will be going in semi finals. Dev wishes them all the best. Anmol asks Ranvi what happened, how did the music change, but you have sung very well. Ranvi thinks. Megha tells Ranvi that she did not tell Dev to tell his background. Ranvi says then who told him. Megha says someone wants to fail you, even the music track got changed. Bansuri imagines Veera as Baldev’s wife and shouts no. Ranvi talks to Veera and cries being ashamed. Veera says I m proud of you, don’t apologize, relax, I m worried that someone cheated you to make you out of the competition. She says we will vote for you and you will win.

She asks him to take care. Gunjan hugs Ranvi. Its morning, Veera tells everyone what happened with Ranvi and says someone is cheating him. Ratan says I can’t believe this. Veera says we have to show we are with him, and we have to make Pind vote for him. Nihaal says but how. Veera says I have an idea. Gunjan and Ranvi see the show on tv with Megha. Ranvi says will Veera and Biji also see it. Veera makes the projector tv arrangements and accommodates everyone to see Ranvi’s singing and vote for him. They smile seeing him sing and clap.

Megha says lets hope audience likes your song and you get good votes. Baldev asks everyone to vote for Ranvi. He says Saale …. And stops. Nihaal smiles. Baldev says I mean Ranvi has sung well, vote for him. Veera thanks everyone and says she is very happy. She explains them how to message and vote. Ratan sees Baldev helping them. Baldev says he is leaving now as his work is over. Ratan thanks him. Nihaal says Ratan feels you and Veera’s mindset is different, you have to prove your love is strong so make her say yes, do something to make her agree, if you love is true, Lord will help you. I will go as I m feeling unwell. He leaves. Baldev says what should I do now.

Ranvi talks to Gunjan and says he can’t do this. Megha gets annoyed and says I will ask Dev to disqualify him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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