Veera 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev getting angry seeing Veera and Rajveer together. She goes to see him, but he leaves. He comes out and throws the sweets he got. Rajveer asks Veera is she finding anyone. She says no. He asks about the Chole chat. She says yes, come. He says he is very hungry. Ranvi sees them together and smile. Gunjan asks Ranvi to give some time to his wife and dance. He says why not, come. Mangal bela aai….. Shahnai……………plays…………… Ratan and Nihaal smile seeing everyone happy. Ranvi smiles seeing Veera laughing with Rajveer. Veera then gets sad. Rajveer jokes and Veera laughs. Ranvi looks on.

Ratan comes to him and sees him smiling. She says happy now. He says yes. She says you both brother and sister get smile seeing each other happy. She asks him to think about Veera and Baldev, as she loves him a lot. He asks am I her enemy, I love her a lot, and want to see her safe and protected, like she is here, now. He says he is sure Baldev can’t give her this. Ratan gets worried. Rajveer goes to wash hands. Veera calls Baldev and he does not take the call.

Jaggi and Billa ask Baldev what happened, did Ranvi tell anything again. Baldev switches off the phone and scolds them. He says he is going home. Rajveer likes the food and tells Ranvi that your Biji cooks well. He talks to Ratan and she asks him to come anytime. Rajveer says your family is an example for everyone. He praises Ranvi and Veera. He says we are proud of you. Ranvi says my sister is very special, so I want her to get the best. He smiles and says ofcourse.

Rajveer says I will leave now. Ranvi goes to drop him. Veera is worried as she can’t connect to Baldev. Its morning, Veera wakes up and says Baldev did not reply to my messages. Gunjan comes and asks about fridge design. Veera asks about Baldev. Gunjan says he came home yesterday evening, why, did you not talk to him. Veera says he is not replying me. Gunjan says I spoke to him, I told him about Dandiya function. Veera says he will meet him. Gunjan says Ranvi won’t suggest me as he has no interest in this.

Ratan makes the worker wash the floor. Nihaan comes and slips. He holds Ratan’s hand. Ranvi comes and holds their hands making them away. He asks Nihaal to come inside and he will ask Gunjan to give him tea. Veera talks to Jaggi and Balli and asks why did Baldev not tell me he went to city. They say he will come back in evening. She gives her message asking him to meet her. She hears them talking Baldev is worried because of her. She thinks they won’t tell me, I will ask Baldev in evening.

Gunjan asks Ratan about new fridge design, a bigger one. Ratan says it will be costly and not needed. Gunjan says if you see it, you will wish to buy it. She shows the benefits. Ratan says what about old fridge, its working. Gunjan says she will sell it on Quikr. She shows the mobile app. Ratan smiles and asks her to buy what she wants. Veera talks on phone and goes to meet Baldev. Jaggi and Balli tell Baldev about Veera finding him, she said she will meet him at Machaan, go and meet her, she was very worried, don’t be angry, go and patch up.

Veera waits for Baldev and thinks she can’t be much late as Ranvi will be annoyed. Baldev is on the way. Rajveer comes there and holds her. Rajveer asks her to come as he will drop her home. He says its not safe here and he is now Ranvi’s friend and can’t leave his sister like this. She sits in his jeep and leaves. Baldev sees her with him and shouts Veera….. He says this inspector was in party too, and today here, I will write his report. He says why should I call her, when she does not care for me, she did not wait for me and went with that inspector.

Veera thinks what if Baldev came after I left. She asks Rajveer to stop the car, giving excuse. He says he will wait for her, he can’t leave her alone. She says don’t worry, I m from this pind, there is no risk for me. He asks did she go there to meet Baldev, you can meet him without excuses. He says come with me, I will take you back. They leave. Rajveer drops Veera back to the Machaan and says I hope you know what you are doing, this time and place is not right for any girl. She says you should not care for this. She waits for Baldev, and says did he come, or went, and messages him.

Baldev gets her message that she waited for him, why did he not come. He smiles and says where did you wait for me Veera, do you think I m blind and can’t see. He throws the phone in anger and picks it up. Bansuri comes and sees this. She thinks did he fight with Veera and asks him what happened. He says nothing, it fell from my hand. He says nothing, don’t eat my brain, go from here. She says she can see anything, Ranvi and Veera are showing attitude and you are not seeing this. Baldev thinks.

Bansuri and Baldev argue on Veera. Baldev defends Veera and starts leaving. Bansuri stops him and says Ranv chose a guy for her, be away from her now. Baldev looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. boring… let baldev and veera get married
    then it will be interesting

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