Veera 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 9th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with veera and chaiji conversation, veera says, what are you planning on this occasion. gunjan heard this and says to herself, i will plan best. Chaiji says, lets do mata da jagrana. veera says, you just peel off these potatoes, i will think everything. Biji says to veera, come on and drop me at office. Gunjan saved 15000 rs and thinks, what will i buy for ranveer. I will buy mandolean for ranveer anyway this mandolean is old.
balev friends says, veera is your enemy. Then veera reaches there and baldev says to his friends, you go, i will reaches there. veera says, i want to plan something for veer ji. Veera drink tea from baldev’s cup. baldev says, what is this? but what are you doing this. I want you to be my friend. Veera says, i will stay away from you. now you suggest me something.
Baldev says, lets bring ranveer to wine shop. Veera then go from there. Gunjan reaches from there and says, i know we are far from you during election, but i still love you. Baldev says, i know you. Gunjan says, i want to buy something from nearby city. Baldev says, i will bring you there, lets go. Veera reads ranveer diary and gets excited to read his poems and remember ranveer’s poem and says, so that voice is veerji’s voice, its really heart touching voice. I dont believe that veerji is really talented.
Gunjan reaches at home, biji asked from gunjan, what is this? GUnjan says, i bring some things from my mother’s home. veera tells that good news to biji and chaiji. Veera tell poem for biji.
Veera thinks that why will veerji hide this from us. Veera calls to ranveer and asked where are you? Then she goes somewhere.
Veera reaches to meet dalveer paji. Dalveer asked, what happened then dalveer see ranveer diary.
dalveer says, so now he told you everything about his passion. Veera says, do you really hear his song. I really told so many times to him but he really shy. He is really another type of man. Veera then goes from there.
Veera reaches at home and dont heard anything of chaiji.
Baldev thinks about veera in her dream. veera calling him but he gets frightened. bansari ji reaches there. Baldev says, i saw cricket match in my dream. You go and sleep.

Precap:- Everybody says, happy birthday to ranveer but gunjan didnt say anything to him and go to bed.

Update Credit to: Tushar

  1. gunjan is a rascal…..

  2. gunjan is a rascal….

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