Veera 9th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 9th July 2013 Written Episode, Veera 9th July 2013 Written Update

Chaiji prays to mend the ties between Veera and Ratan. Nihal is tutoring the kids and Bansuri is drooling over Nihal. Balwant sees this and she makes an excuse that that she’s admiring her son. Baldev is distracted coz of his video game and Nihal takes that from him.

Kartar comes to meet Balwant and spuns lies that he’s got nothing left in life and want to leave as Gurpreet too has left the house. Balwant scolds him for loosing hope.

Nihal compains to Balwant about his lack of interest in studies but once again Bansuri saves him from Balwant’s scoldings. Baldev badmouths Ranveera and then Nihal and Bansuri snaps at him for saying things against Nihal.

Ratan senses that Chaiji is trying to hide something and queries aboutt he same but Chaiji denies it.

Veera writes 50 times asking for Ratan’s forgiveness but Ratan is not interested and this makes Veera sad and she runs away from there. Ranvi follows Veera and is upset to see her so sad. He pacifies her and tries to cheer her up and then goes to confront Ratan taking Veera’s book in which she’s asking for Ratan’s forgiveness.

Ranvi is angry at Ratan for not forgiving Veera and ignoring her. He confronts her asking if she realizes how Veera would be feeling coz of her behaviour. Chaiji tries to intervene on Ratan’s behalf but Ranvi is not convinced at all saying he’s sees all and understands all how Ratan’s behaviour has changed for Veera all of a sudden. He compalins how Ratan’s ignorance is hurting Veera.

Ratan snaps back saying she can’t be a mother to Veera. She asks Ranvi to be her mother as he claims to be. Ranvi is very angry at this.

Ranvi in his anger says that he can not only take care of Veera but himself too and they don’t need her. Ratan is shocked when Ranvi tells her that someone who can’t be Veera’s mother can not be his mother too.

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