Veera 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone bringing shagun at Baldev’s house. Baldev talks to them. Gunjan pulls his leg. Ratan asks about Bansuri. Baldev goes to see her and she is not in her room. Balwant asks Baldev where is she. Baldev says she is not at home. Balwant says I told her that they are coming for shagun. Baldev says it means she left intentionally, its fine, I know where she went, I will go and get her. Baldev comes to Gurudwara and sees Bansuri. He asks her what is she doing here, Papa ji told you to welcome Veera’s family. She says she came here, as she has to stay here after his marriage. He asks what. She says Veera will make me her servant after marriage, what would I do here, go home and fix the wedding date, why did you come to call me.

He says you are my Biji. She says my consent is not in this, Veera and I can’t stay under one roof, you decide who will stay with you. If you want me to come home, then promise me you won’t let Veera come inside our house, this is my last decision. Baldev says you are threatening me as you don’t want me to marry Veera. She says you will do what you want. He says come home, its enough. Balwant asks them to have snacks, Bansuri will come soon. Baldev asks Bansuri does she not care for his happiness, fine, if no Veera, then no one and never. He asks does she accept. She says yes, Veera can’t become my bahu. He is stunned and asks you are ready to ruin my life, what did Veera do.

She says see how you are talking to your mum, she is so clever, I have seen her in childhood, whatever you tell me, I will not accept her. Baldev says I will die without Veera. She says you were dying because of her, you don’t care about mum. She says she will live her life at Gurudwara and asks him to go. Baldev smiles and asks what will she do here. She says you have to choose anyone between your mum and Veera. Balwant talks to Gunjan. He tells everyone that Bansuri went for some imp work, she forgot you all are coming. Ratan says fine, we will come any other day. Chai ji says yes, we will get another mahurat. Balwant says no, we will exchange shagun. Gunjan says yes. Ratan asks is the matter something else, Bansuri is happy with this relation right?

Balwant is speechless. Gunjan says yes, Biji is very happy, she got stuck in some work. Balwant folds hands and says we were waiting for this day to get Veera as our bahu, Baldev is very lucky. They exchange the shagun. They all leave and come home. Ranvi says I did not wish to question Taya ji, tell me the truth Gunjan, is Tayiji not happy with this relation. He says she is against this right, she knew we are coming for shagun and she went out. Veera hears this. Ratan asks Gunjan to tell the truth, as they are worrying more. Gunjan says Baldev loves Veera and even Papa ji is happy, about Biji, give her some time, its so sudden and her friend cheated her, so she is not understanding. Baldev will convince her.

Ranvi asks what if he does not convince, the marriage is between two families, not two people. Gunjan says she will say yes. Ratan says fine, we won’t ask again, we have given shagun, but all functions will happen when Bansuri says yes by her heart. Veera gets worried. Baldev comes home and is worried. The people come and take his sign on some papers. Nihaal comes and sees him signing without reading it. He asks him why did he sign like this, he will be caught if there is something illegal sent. Baldev says no, it will be fine. Nihaal asks him to ask people about sender, receiver and what items are there.

Baldev says stop it Chachu, you think I m a kid, no one allows me to do what I wish, always stopping me, do you know whats going on in my mind. Nihaal says then don’t work. Baldev says you mind your business, Papa ji stopped scolding me and you started. Balwant hears them. Baldev leaves. Balwant asks Nihaal why was Baldev misbehaving, whats the matter. Nihaal says Baldev signed without checking consignment details. I don’t want him to get into trouble, he is clean heart and people can use his goodness. Balwant says you explained him right, I will explain him, he is getting married and he should be responsible. Nihaal asks about shagun. Balwant says leave it, I m going to convince Bansuri at Gurudwara, she is not accepting this relation.

Gunjan asks Ranvi not to worry about her Biji. She says she has a good news. He asks that one. She smiles and says no, manager called and gave concert offer of Rs 3 lakhs. He says refuse them, as I have to spend time with Veera. She says we can make Veera’s marriage more good. He says I have enough money, I saved since childhood. She says if you refuse offers, then people will forget you. He says no, I will get everyone back, and promises he will go in every show after Veera’s marriage. He kisses her and says he will just come. She asks where is he going. He says to meet Rajveer, we have to tell them no, and tell him that Veera and Baldev’s relation is fixed. She says I met Rajveer and told him everything.

Ranvi says but I should personally tell him, it does not look good on phone. She gets tensed as he leaves. She thinks if Rajveer tells my matter to Ranvi, then, no he is good person, he will not do this. She says she will call and request him not to tell Ranvi. Veera is worried and meets Baldev. He says even shagun got exchanged, its natter of few days, and lifts him smiling. He says he knows she is tensed, but Biji will agree soon. She asks what did she say. He says she said either you or she will live in our house. Veera is shocked.

Gunjan apologizes to Ranvi, and says she changed, she left everything. She says Rajveer told you intentionally, as he helped me and told me to do something in return.

Update Credit to: Amena

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