Veera 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera doing the dressing of her hand. Ranvi sees her and helps her. He says he is doing this for her future. He says we may have different opinions but we are brother and sister. We celebrated festivals together and want my sister to come, Gunjan kept Dandiya party, will you come with me and play Dandiya. Veera cries and says yes, I will come, I will celebrate the festival with you, you taught me this since childhood, festival is to celebrate victory, good over evil, my love for Baldev ius good and true, its right and it will win this time. Ranvi looks on angrily. He leaves.

Rajveer asks Baldev not to be involve in such matters as its shameful for a father to bail his son. Balwant and Baldev come out of the police station. Balwant gets a call and talks. Baldev thinks to call Veera and bumps into Ranvi. Baldev says he also worries for Veera, she was happy there, goons came there and they can come anywhere. Ranvi says you did not protect her, that was wrong place. Baldev says you don’t trust me, as you feel no one can take care of her better than you. Ranvi says he does not want to argue, but they are different and don’t meet Veera from today. He leaves.

Baldev says taking sweets for the man who put me in jail and scolding for me who saved your sister. Ranvi meets Rajveer and gives him Navratri sweets, thanking him for saving Veera. Rajveer says I felt I saw you somewhere, you are reality show winner. A boy comes there being arrested. He has stole mum’s jewelry and then drunk wine. Rajveer says some great words to respect mum, else Lord and my stick will beat you. Ranvi gets impressed by him.

Rajveer leaves the boy free. Ranvi says you left him like this. Rajveer says if I put in jail, he would have not changed, and he would have got criminal record. Ranvi says your parents taught you good things. Rajveer says my parents died when I was small, life taught me this, I value family and get angry seeing people cheat their family. Ranvi invites him in Dandiya party. Rajveer says superstar Ranvijay is calling me home, great, I will try to come. Ranvi says I m sure you will come. He leaves.

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Ratan talks to Veera being her sad. She says when night comes, morning will also come. When Ranvi realizes Baldev loves you, then he will give your hand to him, your happiness matters to him a lot. She asks her to wait for some time. Veera says I hope so, but I m sad that we got distance between me and Ranvi, if I have to choose between him and Baldev, I will die. Ratan explains her that time will be needed for things to become fine. Ratan asks her to go and get ready. Bansuri talks to her friend and boasts about Ranvi. She then praises Baldev.

Balwant and Baldev come home and hear her talking about his marriage. Bansuri is happy seeing him. Baldev says he will freshen up, give me food then. Balwant asks why were you lying about Baldev. Bansuri says no, Baldev is really good, he does much work. My friend Gurpreet is coming here with her daughter. Balwant asks her not to do this. Bansuri says Veera is not suitable for him, I m his mum and I worry for him. Everyone pray at Mata Ki Chowki. Jai Ambe Gauri……………plays………….Veera prays that Ranvi realizes Baldev is right for her. Ranvi prays that Veera realizes Baldev is wrong for her.

The music is on. Gunjan gives Dandiya sticks to Veera. Veera says she is not in a mood. Ranvi sees her upset. Gunjan plays with her friends. Ratan asks Ranvi nott o go and attend the guests. Rajveer comes there and calls out Ranvi. Ranvi welcomes him. Rajveer greets everyone. Ranvi says he is the inspector who saved Veera in Dangal. Gunjan says oh, the one who arrested my brother. Rajveer says I was doing my duty. Bansuri makes Baldev have food and not think about Veera. He gets angry and says he won’t have food. She says you have to eat, I cooked for you. Balwant comes and says five dishes, he taunts Baldev who came from jail.

Balwant says you are losing Veera by this stupid things, I support Ranvi, how will give him his sister, he does not even have a job. Baldev gets annoyed and says he had enough now, and won’t have food. He leaves. Bansuri scolds Balwant for not letting Baldev have food. Rajveer talks to Ratan and says he lost his parents in early age. He says its true, that a man can get successful and earn money, but only Lord can give him family. Ranvi goes to bring Veera. Ratan serves Rajveer food. He says he will get fat and will not fit in his uniform. Ranvi introduces Veera.

He gets up and the dish falls. He says sorry. Nihaal says he will take him to wash basin. Ranvi says no, Veera will take him. Baldev is on the way smiling and comes there. He says Ranvi said I can’t take Veera out, I can meet her at home, no one can stop me. He gets the sweets and goes in. Rajveer cleans his kurta and talks to Veera. He says he knows she is sad and the reason is Baldev. He says the guy is good, but you have to control him. She laughs. Ranvi sees her smiling with Rajveer and smiles. Baldev comes there and sees them. He gets angry and shocked seeing Rajveer with Veera.

Ratan asks Ranvi to think about Veera and Baldev again. Veera loves Baldev a lot. Ranvi says I m nt her enemy, I want to see her safe and happy, I m sure Baldev can’t give her happiness.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ranvi u r too
    much let veera enjoy he life

  2. Kick gunjan outof the house. She is too much… such a spendthrift…. god.. she and her mumbai madness.
    Ranvi will get better girls.. not gunjan.. she is too much.. any1 agrees wid me..

    1. I totally agree with u

  3. Ranvi’s decision is perfect….. she is not understanding knw bt she’ll get knw in future….
    Correct timing of the new entry..(y)

  4. Plzz let veera enjoy her life

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