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Veera 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with kartar singh says to sarpanch ji that is nobody standing in front of me. then baldev came at election office. Baldev says, my father is waiting me. Balwant tayaji says, oye now think properly, let your name withdraw. bansari says, you always denying to support your son, you just think about ranveer, where is he? Baldev says, you just give me your blessing and balwant tayaji didnt gives blessing. baldev says, biji lets go, we go to inside to entering name.
baldev says, look, i am expanding your name. Everybody then gives slogan of ranveer and balwant tayaji gives blessing. Ranveer says, you are right thats why i have decided that i will stand in this election. Veera gives document to biji and says, biji, you go inside. Ranveer says, oye veera, you also came with me. balwant tayaji says, how you will decided to stand up in this election. Ranveer says, its all due to veera.
thats why i have decided to stand up in this election until we will not give sarpanch post to baldev.
bansari says, i am very tensed for ranveer. Baldev says, dont you trust on your son. Ranveer came out from office and everybody gives slogan of ranveer.
Baldev says, ranveer will not exceeded with me, i will not let him win.
Veera gets a call from baldev. Veera then get a call from her friend. Veera says, what you do with boys so that he leaves you. Please tell me what you have done and why he leaved you. Her friend tell her story.
Biji pray in front of her husband. Ranveer came and biji says, if your father will alive then he will became so happy. Ranveer says, if i break someone’s heart then what will happen. Biji says, right person will takes right decision. You do same what you are doing right now. Dont do any work in emotions.
Baldev see india match and gets call. Veera came there and call him and says, came at choraha and i have some urgent work. baldev reaches there and says, what happens? you said that you are in trouble. Veera says, i have wear this kurta, is this matching with my shoes? Baldev says, i came here and you are saying this.
Veera take ranveer’s hand and says, you want to marry with me thats why i asked with you. I thought about you whole night. I am ready to marry with you. You also want this. I really like you and you are right for me. Baldev gets happy and says, now i will marry with you. Veera says, now see how will i let you dance in front of me.

Precap:- Gunjan gets frightened with lizzard and gunjan hug to ranveer.

Update Credit to: tushar

  1. Ranvee and Gunjan Romance is very nice please un dhono ko anek romance scene shoot karo yar both r jodi so nice veera serial very nice. then rathan jee eyes is awesome . Veera voice is so sweet, baladev is very funny. Gunjan and Ranvee ka o rabba song extraordinary totally this serial is extraordinary

  2. Yes ranvi and veera are awesome..gunjan too sweet..but where is song “veer ki ardas veera”ranvi is not loving veera like childhood only gunjan gunjan and song oh rabba. …don’t forget this drama name is veer ki ardas veera….its story of love between veera and gunjan…little ranvi and veera were awesome and had done very nice acting….play song veer ki ardas veera at least one time in 1 episode

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