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The Episode starts with Ratan leaving being upset. Chai ji stops Ranvi and asks him to give time to Ratan, she is over working to spend time. Ranvi says I can’t do anything to lessen her pain. Chai ji says some wounds can be healed only by time, leave everything on time, when you have children, Ratan will be glad seeing them and will a new reason to get happy. Ranvi thinks. Veera sees the cooking spices and identifies them. Bansuri comes and says its good you came to kitchen. Veera says I came to start cooking. Bansuri asks her to make everything good, as its about Baldev’s business relations. Veera says yes. Bansuri says she is going to pray and asks Veera to make it all alone.

Bansuri thinks she will see how Veera cooks. She tells Balwant that she is pitying Veera, as Baldev called his friends for lunch. He asks her to help Veera. She says how can I, Baldev asked me not to help. He asks her to decide what she will do. Bansuri keeps dinner for Baldev and says lets see what Veera cooks from tomorrow. He says I m not hungry and leaves. Baldev thinks about the goon’s words and he has been beaten up a lot. He sleeps on the floor and shivers, recalling their words, being in trauma. Veera comes there and holds him.

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He wakes up and pushes Veera. She cries and is shocked, asking what was he doing, what happened to you, why are you doing this. He lies on the floor again. She asks him to sleep on the bed. He says you leave, leave me alone. She thinks its not his anger, but something else, I have to find about this. She leaves shutting the door. Baldev opens his eyes and says she has run away. Gunjan asks Ranvi did he change his mind because of Veera, and he did not care for Baldev when he was her brother, it means she does not matter to him. She feels hurt and says all you care about is Veera, not me.

Veera talks to doctor and he says Baldev is affected by some big incident. She says yes, someone died in our family. He says his thinking pattern changed by this incident. She asks will he get fine. He says I can’t say, but you have to be careful. She gets worried. She thinks Nihaal’s death is affecting Baldev and he stayed in jail, maybe that’s the reason for this behavior. Veera sees Baldev and recalls the old moments. She thinks she will try to help Baldev and not spoil the lunch. She follows the recipes and cooks. Baldev comes and the milk falls on his face. She starts laughing. He holds it rudely against the wall and cleans his face with her dupatta.

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Veera says she is doing all this for him, and his love, and why is he behaving like this, he told her he can eat even burnt noodles, what happened now. He smiles and says nothing happens to me, I did not know you will prove to be bad wife. Balwant hears this and scolds Baldev. He says she was shivering all night outside, she is trying to make you happy, and she is bad wife, and you are keeping her unhappy and you are good husband. Baldev says you should not interfere in our matter. Balwant gets angry and Veera says don’t fight please. She cries. Baldev leaves. Balwant asks Veera not to bear all this, and reply to Baldev. She says this can’t be the solution, Baldev has some reason for doing this, I m sure of it and I m trying to find it. She says control your anger for few days and don’t explain him, for my sake. He blesses her and leaves.

Veera says Jaggi and Billa about Baldev’s anger and she has seen him sleeping on the floor. They say Baldev was tortured in jail, and he got internal injury, he has trauma about jail stay for few days.

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  1. Getting interesting !!

  2. So Ratan is not meant to have a man in her life? Writer should be realistic for once.

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