Veera 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvi giving Veera’s hand to Baldev. Bansuri talks to someone about Baldev’s proposal. Billa brings Baldev home. She welcomes him and asks about Veera, who was supposed to drop her. She says she has a good news. He says he has a bigger good news. She says no, and thinks to send Jaggi and Billa. They ask her to take care of Baldev and leave. Baldev says fine, you tell me first, as my good news will make you speechless. She says she found a nice girl for hm. He says and girl’s brother has said yes. She asks who. He says Ranvi has said yes, Veera is the best partner for me. She asks is he mad. He says you are finding anyone else, Ranvi said yes. She says so what, I m your mum, I did not say yes till now. She reminds him what Veera did. He says mistakes happen by everyone, we are good match, I love her and want to marry her.

She says he is not well and just came from hospital, so no need to argue, we will talk later. He says I will marry only Veera, everyone agreed, you also agree. Veera hugs Ranvi and thanks him. He smiles seeing her happiness. He says he will not see her for long, as she will leave them and go. She says she has a good idea, she and Baldev will spend half day here. He says they will beat you and me, saying what I taught you. She says no, you will never be ashamed because of me. He sees her hair spoiled and says he will oil her hair. Ratan and Chai ji smile seeing them. Chai ji says she will teach cooking to Veera. Veera says yes, lets keep her class. Veera says they have scared her. Ratan asks her not to act, as she is happy. Veera hugs them. Ranvi says you all forgot me and hugs them.

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Its night, Balwant can’t believe Ranvi really said yes. Baldev says yes, and he folded hands and asked me to take care of his Veera, he trusts me and he feels I m best for Veera. Balwant says I m happy, I was not telling his objection wrong, but I prayed that Veera becomes my bahu. Baldev says there is still one hurdle now, Biji is adamant, I know she does not like Veera, I felt she will agree like Ranvi. Balwant says he is sure Ranvi will be proud of him. Its morning, Baldev starts working at the transport business office which he started. Jaggi and Billa also join the work. Veera sees Baldev working and smiles. Jaggi and Billa see Veera and show her to Baldev. Baldev smiles and asks them to see work, he will just come.

He gives a ring to Veera at the polyhouse. She asks why so costly. He says so what, its engagement ring. He says he is earning for her and will give his salary to her. She says no, give your salary to your parents. He says fine, and makes her wear the ring. Rajveer looks on and get angry seeing them hugging. He holds the ring he bought for Veera and thinks he can’t lose Veera. Baldev holds Veera and goes ahead to kiss her, while she stops him saying he did not get this license. He reminds Ranvi said yes. She says for this too, when, I don’t remember. He says fine, I will call him and ask. She says stop it and laughs. He hugs her. Rajveer hurts his hand by crushing the ring.

He thinks why do foolish girls like useless guy like Baldev over a good guy like me, I love her, and I will get her. He leaves. Baldev asks shall I go now. Veera says no, 10mins more. He says he has work. She says you got so much busy. He says I m getting married, won’t I get responsible. She tells about learning cooking from Chai ji. He laughs and asks what did she learn. She tells the trouble to make round rotis. He asks her not to trouble her hands, as he will eat anything she cooks. She says really, its good, come to attend Chai ji’s cooking classes to cook for me. He laughs and hugs her.

Ratan asks Veera to learn cooking, while Veera avoids it. Ratan makes her work. Chai ji comes and asks what is she doing. Veera does everything wrong. Chai ji says Ranvi is right, Bansuri will scold her. Veera says everyone scold me, I will not work. Veera cooks Tahaari and says she has put everything one cup. Chai ji is shocked and asks is this way to cook. Chai ji tells Ratan that they have to eat bread today. Veera spoils everything and messes the kitchen. Chai ji says I m having pity on Baldev, I feel we should keep Baldev here for few days to make him have good food, else he will due hungry there. Veera says she will not make food now. She goes. Ratan and Chai ji laughs.

Its night, Chai ji tells everything to Nihaal about Ranvi saying yes to Veera and Baldev’s relation He says its great, when is the engagement date fixed. Ratan says we have to talk to pandit. Balwant asks Bansuri to say yes for Veera. Gunjan says she will ask Papa ji and calls him asking did mum agree for Veera, as we have to ask pandit ji for date to bring shagun. Balwant says some any day. Gunjan thanks him. Ratan says pandit ji said tomorrow is good day, but your Biji. Gunjan says Papa ji said come anytime, it means Biji agreed. Nihaal says I can’t believe we are talking about Veera’s marriage and asks about Baldev’s business. Gunjan tells him about transport business. Bansuri says they are bringing shagun, no one values my decision, I know how to make them agree to me, I will show Veera this is my house, the fight will be between us.

Ratan asks about Bansuri. Baldev asks Bansuri to come. Bansuri says I can’t come, if you want me to come home, promise me you won’t let Veera come home. Baldev says fine, if Veera is not there, then no one will be there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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