Veera 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chaiji telling Veera not to regard Nihaal as their enemy. She says how ranvi made him his enemy and he has forgot him now, but I know Ranvi still hates him. Veera says he is right. Chaiji says Nihaal did not do anything wrong, he has turned his car to save a child, and your dad came in between, whose mistake is it. Veera says there is no one’s mistake in this. Chaiji says this happened with Nihaal, it was not his mistake, if he wanted he could have enjoyed his life, but he punished himself for this, he wanted to regret and came to us, he has helped us a lot. She says I feel he is far there punishing himself. She says when I saw him yesterday, I was worried that if Ratan and Ranvi know this, it will be a trouble, so I stooped you but I was wrong.

She says he has punished himself a lot without doing anything, why should we hate him, he won’t bear this. Veera nods yes. Chaiji says Nihaal is a good guy, but don’t take his name infront of Ratan and Ranvi. Veera hugs her. Baldev calls Veera and she does not take his call. He calls again. She then talks to him. He asks where is she, is she fine. She says yes, I m fine. He says he was worried, he was coming to meet her now. She says I will call you later and ends the call. She talks to Nihaal online. Nihaal says what happened, why are you upset.

Veera says Chaiji told me everything Chachu. Nihaal is shocked. She says Chaiji made me feel it was npt your mistake, it was an accident. She says its true when she told me, I got angry, I felt sad, but after thinking, I don’t have any complain. I don’t feel you are responsible for dad’s death. He ends the video call. Veera meets Baldev. He hugs her seeing her worried. He asks is she fine. I can’t see you like this worried. She looks at him. he says he is very angry on Nihaal. He says I will not let him come here. She says no Baldev, it was not his mistake. Chaiji told me the truth, it was an accident, Nihaal is punishing himself by staying away from his Pind.

She says Sahil told me Nihaal does not smile and does not love anyone, we have to do something. He says are you mad, everyone know this, you also leave it now. She says no, it’s a misunderstanding, Nihaal, Ratan and Ranvi won’t be happy, I wish I can get Nihaal here and make him meet everyone. She says I feel its impossible. He says it can happen if he comes himself, but don’t do anything. He says when he comes, Pind can get earthquake. She says but this is the only way. She says we have to do something and bring him here.

She says he has helped us a lot and even today he is helping us, we have to bring him back. She requests him to help her. Baldev agrees and asks her not to worry. I m always with you. She smiles. He says but how to call him here. Veera gets Gunjan’s call and says she is with Baldev and coming home now. She says I have to go now Baldev, we will dicsuss this later. He says come, I will drop you on bike. Its night, Gunjan is doing Veera’s birthday arrangements. He likes the decorations she is making and praises her. She asks him to help her. He agrees and they make few things.

He teases her that he will cut her hair and she says no, I love my hair a lot. She says come, I will cut your hair. His hair gets cut and he says are you mad, you really cut it. She laughs and says my husband is looking more handsome now. She asks them to go and find out what is Veera planning for him on raksha bandhan. He leaves. Ranvi comes to Veera. He asks her what did she think for this Rakhi. She says sorry, I won’t do much this time, I m busy in polyhouse.

He says I know you will do something special. She says no, I will just tie a good rakhi. He says fine, I m also busy and could not do arrangements for your birthday. She says fine. He says I really did not get time. He says I m going to sleep, you also sleep now. She says good night. He leaves. She smiles. Veera thinks to discuss about Nihaal with Baldev. She is in hurry and takes the paratha roll. She leaves. Ratan says now she won’t come early, we have time to do her birthday arrangement, you both go and bring gifts for her.

Baldev gives some suggestions, to tell Nihaal that polyhouse has problems and he will come. She says no, this is not good, think something else. He says I have a solid idea, you act like being ill, a big disease and he gets shocked, he runs and comes here. She says no, he won’t come, as he knows my family will take care of me. Think anything different. Baldev says yes right, you think now. Veera talks to Nihaal and asks about her birthday gift, asking him to come India. She asks will he give her this gift, will he come. Nihaal thinks.

Veera ties rakhi to Ranvi and he blesses her. He asks what do you want as gift. Veera says not now, I will ask special gift when the time comes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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