Veera 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Veera 7th April 2014 Written Update

Biji says to ranveer, where are you going. Ranveer says, i am going to farmland. Biji says, no please you are wounded right now. Ranveer says, i am perfectly alright. Biji says, Ok go, now you dont want to hear my words. Veera says, veerji why are you going to farmland. ranveer says, i want to earn money because i have already taken 75000 rupees from our deposit. Ranveer does work in farmland and gunjan came there and does dressing in his hand then she also does farm work. Ranveer says, why are you doing this work? why are you doing acting? Gunjan says, i am not acting, infact you are doing acting because you are get wounded and then also you are doing work in farmland. have you ever seen our member’s pain. I have lost this money then i will work in farmland to deposit 75000 rupees. Ranveer says, ok

then do work and leave our relation.
Baldev sing song of movie, ishq pyar de mohabat. Bansari ji came and says, you are going to see movie. I will also come with you. today we both will see movie. baldev says, you cant see movie because there is already housefull of this movie. Baldev says, i have arranged surprise for you, i want to sent you next week for this movie. You will see movie with papaji.
Gunjan work in farmland and ranveer give water glass to gunjan and says, now its enough, i will handle it later. gunjan says, i will not go to home. Ranveer says, ok then go in shadow and take rest. Gunjan goes in shadow and sees ranveer.
Veera came into home and says, gunjan bhabi is helping ranveer. Biji says, how could gunjan do work in farmland, i will be going. chaiji says, oye you leave, give some time to them. Chaiji says, today we have to go to see movie.
Gunjan again to come to help ranveer. Ranveer says, go and collect weedicides otherwise it will be wasted. Gunjan then collect weedicides in utensils. Veera reaches there and says, i have brought tiffin for both of you. Veera put duppata on tiffin and thinks that veerji will give this duppata to bhabi. Veera and gunjan reaches to cinema hall and gets ticket then they gets entry in cinema hall and baldev is also in hall with changed look.
Baldev says, hello to veera. Veera says, may i know you. Baldev says, if we will knew each other then you will ran away. Veera gets fed up with baldev.

Precap:- Ranveer eat food and then give morsel to gunjan and says, i am not doing for obligation i am doing just as humanness.

Update Credit to: tushar

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