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Veera 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan says, now i understand if you will love me then there is no way to show it. I will not do this. bansari ji says, you are not for my love. I had waste my time. Veera prayed with god for ranveer and gunjan. Baldev also reaches there and pray, that i am going to become next sarpanch. Baldev says, i will become next sarpanch, you just see. Veera says, no my veerji will become next sarpanch. baldev bring veera’s hand and says, i will marry with you one day.
Bansari ji reaches towards ranveer and gives kachori to him and ranveer says, if you will be in trouble then i will definitely help you then bansari ji says,
i want my son to see as next sarpanch. But only you can help him, i heard that you also stand up on election, i am very happy to see you as sarpanch but my son will lost his last chance. Ranveer says, dont cry chachiji.
Biji read the documents of election. gunjan bring puja di thali. Ranveer reaches at home and biji says, that good, you reached on time. gunjan tries to pray for him but ranveer says that he is not standing on this election. Biji says, what happens? you said yes in morning. Ranveer says, i said without thinking. It will bad for baldev. Gunjan, veera and biji says, this is not right, you are right candidate. Ranveer says, i am not right candidate. I am farmer not sarpanch, thats why i have decided to withdraw my name.
Veera says, i accepted your wording but is baldev right candidate for this pind. biji says, baldev is good boy but this responsibility is for baldev. Ranveer says, how we can say that baldev is not right person. It is precious for baldev.
Gunjan reaches at her mother’s home and says, how dare you to do this for ranveer. Bansari says, how dare you to talk like this. Gunjan says, you do this only for your profit. Veera is not real daughter of biji but she gets real love from her but i didnt get love from you.
Bansari ji says, what i had done wrong with my son. gunjan says, you had played with my future for your son future. Veerji is not eligible for sarpanch ji election.
baldev advsertise himself for voting.Baldev friend inform to him that ranveer has withdraw his name.
Baldev says, i already knew it that he will definitely withdraw his name. Ranveer reaches to meet baldev and says, i will support you. Baldev says, you will definitely decided right. Ranveer says, please think about pind peoples and do great work. Baldev says, dont tell me anything, i will definitely do what i want.

Precap:- veera tell to ranveer that, is this right decision for pind people for one person.

Update Credit to: tushar

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