Veera 6th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 6th June 2013 Written Episode, Veera 6th June 2013 Written Update

Ranveera back from school, Veera happily saying how she was superior to others in school as her veerji is sarpanch. She wants Rv to play with her, but Rv is tired. Veera playing with RV’s pagadi , while playing she collids with Rtan who scolds her for not listening to Rv and playing with Pagdi which is not a thing to play with. Rv asks forgivness on behalf of Veera and tells Ratn to take rest. Balwant says Bansuri he wants some money for a completion in school, after getting money from her Balwant decides to steal money from his fathers cupboard as the amount his mother gave him isn’t enough. Moti chaiji tries to cheer up Ratan while praising Rv. Ratan still not able to get over the trauma. Bansuri flirts with Nihaal, tries to show as she cares so much about him. She gets annoyed knowing Nihaal cares so much of Ratan, plans to separate Nihaal-Ratan. Ratan not in a mood to eat, hence she throws a cup of daal which falls o Veera’s head. Seeing Veera, Moti chaiji knows Rtan didn’t have her food.

Precap: Pre-cap: Veer asking Nihaal to feed Rtan from his hands.

Update Credit to: Roshani

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