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Veera 6th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvi thinking about Baldev and Veera. Ratan comes to him and switches on the room’s lights. She asks why is he sitting in darkness. He asks did Veera and Gunjan come. She says Gunjan came to take food, and Veera is in hospital. She asks whats going on in his mind. She says she knows very well how much he loves his sister, and she knows since he has known about Veera and Baldev, he is worried, and he is not wrong, Baldev is not sensible and irresponsible, but he loves Veera a lot. Ranvi says life does not pass with love. Ratan asks is he saying this, he is an artists and sings love songs, he knows love is biggest strength for us, if Veera is flower and Baldev is soil, till soil holds the flower well, the flower does not bloom.

She says when he was busy in singing competition, Baldev was with Veera, he took care of her, and did not sleep for 4 days, is this not being responsible, and about earning, the love will make him earn. She says I know Baldev does not have a big degree to show he deserves Veera, but he has proved it, and I feel his love is enough for saying yes to them. Ranvi thinks. Its morning, Bansuri is angry on Veera and cleans Baldev’s room. She says if she loves Baldev, she should have been here. She says Baldev refused me to come home with me, and said Veera will bring him, I m just maid for them. Balwant comes and asks did she clean Baldev’s room. She says you are talking as I m maid, you think I m heartless, I m not human.

Balwant says if Veera brings Baldev, he will be here. She argues. Baldev is on the way with Veera and his friends. He says whatever happens is for good. She asks whats good in this. He says you will love me, take care of me, meet me often. She asks Jaggi to drive faster, he is hurt to sit like this. He asks jaggi to take them to Veera’s house. Gunjan prays for Baldev and the goons should get punished. She gets manager’s call. He asks her to convince Ranvi for concert and offers Rs 3 lakhs. Gunjan is glad and says its good offer for Ranvi and thanks Lord. She prays that Ranvi agrees for Baldev and Veera.

She tells Ranvi that Baldev got discharged and Veera is taking him home. She asks him to agree what she says. He says fine, tell me. She sees Baldev and Veera. Ratan asks him to sit. Gunjan asks why did he come here, he should have gone home from hospital. Baldev says I wanted to talk to Ranvi. Gunjan says your health is imp right now, we can talk later. Baldev says my talk is most imp. He says he loves Veera a lot, and wants to marry her. He says he won’t marry without his blessings. He says he will earn to keep Veera well, he is irresponsible, but he will take care of her, he has a bad name, but he will never let Veera’s name spoil, he will keep her happy all her life, make me marry her. Veera cries and smiles.

Ranvi looks at Ratan. Baldev says I spoke to Papa ji about starting transport business and then this incident happened, but now I will start with double energy, he assures him that he will not be ashamed to call him Saala and Jija. He says he can’t live without Veera. He folds hands and requests Ranvi to say yes for this relation. Everyone look on. Ranvi holds his hand and says yes. Baldev says see Ranvi you….. and realizes Ranvi said yes. He asks what. Ranvi says I said yes for this marriage. They all smile. Veera hugs Gunjan and Ranvi. Veera cries and thanks Ranvi. He asks is she happy now, as he said yes for her relation. Ranvi says everyone is happy, as if they all were waiting for my yes.

He says their happiness was snatched because of me, but Baldev you can understand as you also have a sister, it’s a tough task to give away a sister to someone else, it takes time. He folds hands and asks him to take care of his Veera. He cries and says she is not only my sister, she is my daughter too.
They all get emotional. Veera says she won’t go leaving Ranvi. She hugs Ranvi. Baldev says he knows he is not number one in good people, but he is number in loving Veera. He says he will not give any reason to complain and hugs Ranvi. Ranvi gives Veera’s hand to Baldev. Gunjan and everyone hug Ranvi and they smile. Baldev and Veera hug and smile.

Bansuri says she got a good girl for him. Baldev says and girl’s brother has said yes, Ranvi has said yes. She says so what, I m guy’s mum, I did not say yes till now.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Bansuri sucks :O

  2. Veera n baldev r perfect couple sb thk hojata h to ye bansuri sb kharab krdeti h

  3. I want Baldev and Vera to get married. Then Nihal and Rattan should get married.

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