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Veera 6th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera coming in disguise of a sardar to meet Manjeet. Manjeet asks does he know the truth? Veera says I know you killed Ratan Singh, give me money or I will go to police. Manjeet asks how much money. Veera says 1 crore. Manjeet laughs and asks does he have proof. Veera says he will show in police station. Manjeet thinks Dilawar was right, he does not have proof, and she is not afraid of anyone. Everyone come there and hear them, getting shocked to hear Manjeet has killed Ratan. Baldev asks you killed Biji?

Manjeet gets shocked seeing them. Ranvi sits sad at home and does not see the chit. Manjeet says no, this man is saying nonsense, he does not have any proof. She asks what proof he has? Veera says you have accepted it, I took her in haveli in drunk state and recorded her confession. Manjeet says he is lying, I was at home. Veera says she was with me, where was she at night.

Balwant says I did not see you at night. Baldev and Bansuri also see they have not seen Manjeet. Manjeet lies to them and says she was at home, ask Dilawar, he came to meet me, he will say I was at home. Veera removes the beard and shows her face. They all get shocked. Veera says so it means you were with Dilawar, I wanted to know this. She cries and tells everyone what she heard everything.

She says she asked everyone not to say each other, as she did not wish Manjeet to know this. She asks where is Ranvi. Baldev says maybe Ranvi did not get letter, I will get him. Veera asks Manjeet why did she do this. Balwant asks did she return their favor like this. The letter flies and Ranvi gets it. He reads it and gets shocked, reading Veera’s letter. He says Veera came to know about the killer. Baldev comes and Ranvi says Veera came to know about killer, we should rush.

Baldev says yes, she is fine, Manjeet and Dilawar did all this and tells everything. Ranvi gets shocked and says I will kill them. Baldev stops him. Geet tells Ranvi that Dilawar has kidnapped Deepu, and they rush after him. Manjeet asks Bansuri and Gunjan to believe her, Veera is breaking them. Gunjan scolds her and says you were the one about whom Ratan wanted to tell me, she said there is someone who is spoiling me and Ranvi’s relation, you filled poison in my mind to break our relations, you have killed Ratan.

Manjeet says I did not do anything. Balwant says we heard the truth. Gunjan says we will believe Veera today, as she has heard you saying. Manjeet asks them to believe, she has just hurt Ratan, Ratan died by the bomb that Dilawar kept in the godown. They all are shocked and cry. Veera slaps Manjeet. Manjeet says how dare you.. Veera says you did not see my dare. Manjeet raises hand and Veera holds her hand. She scolds her.

Balwant asks what did we do. Manjeet asks did you find about our living? He says my brother ended the relation with us, the field was not bad, he did not take care being drunk all the time, what can I do if your son is useless. Manjeet says I came to take revenge, I wanted all your lands, I wanted Geet to marry Baldev and then came to know Baldev is already married, then I met my pind guy Dilawar, and we planned to burn the harvest, Ratan heard us and we had to kill her.

She tells them everything how Ratan run with the bomb to save harvest, she always interfered. They all cry. Gunjan says we will never forgive you. Veera says Ratan saved all harvest. Manjeet says so we made Gunjan at our side, and tried breaking her with Ranvi by using her doubt on Geet, we thought to take Ranvi’s property. Baldev and Geet come there.

Geet cries and asks Manjeet is she stone hearted, did she not feel bad doing this with her bahu and granddaughter, see them they always helped you and forgiven your mistakes, even then you are not regretting. Geet says Dilawar has kidnapped Deepu, as he knew your truth will be out. Baldev says Ranvi is after Dilawar, I informed police. Veera worries for Deepu. Dilawar brings Deepu there and aims gun. Manjeet smiles.

Veera asks Dilawar to leave Deepu. Ranvi comes and asks him to leave Deepu. Dilawar asks him to move back, else he will kill Deepu as he killed Ratan. Ranvi says I will kill you. Veera asks Manjeet to stop Dilawar, he will kill Deepu. Manjeet asks is she joking, and supports Dilawar. Dilawar asks her to shut up, does she think he will share his money with him, you are useless for me, you think I will keep my words, I used you for Baldev to take pind people’s land, that game is over now. He says I don’t need you. She thinks I wish I knew this, I would have put all blame on him, what shall I do now.

Dilawar asks Veera to give the proof against him. Veera says she recorded everything, she is ready to give her phone. Baldev says no, don’t trust him. Dilawar asks her to give it. She asks him to leave Deepu. He leaves Deepu and aims gun at Veera to take revenge. Ranvi asks him to leave Veera. Dilawar says how can I leave Veera, recall how you have beaten me. Baldev scolds Dilawar and Gunjan says she will give all money, just leave Veera. Veera asks her not to do this deal with this creep and asks him to kill her. Dilawar loads the gun…..

Veera beats Dilawar with the hockey stick. He shoots and Ranvi comes in between. Veera shouts Ranvi.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ShOw is good at the end

  2. nice…….sure that ranvi will saved or will get hurt and gunjan and veera will take a lot care of him and then he will get fine ahhhhh dont know whats going to happen next just looking forward

  3. Awwr. If ranvi was to die it would be so cute if veera and ranvi died holding hands cuz they r bro and sis. Only, only if it was meant to be a sad ending ??????

  4. nice episode..

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