Veera 5th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 5th December 2013 Written Episode, Veera 5th December 2013 Written Update

surjit singh hug baldev and speak into mike, pritampura de bhai bahano, then he got electric shock from mic when he touch the mic. Veera and balbeer laugh while seeing each other. Surjit singh laugh and say, atleast we get the news that in this pind we get proper electricity, lets start the mata di chowki. veera gone somewhere and talk to balbeer. She says, you have really done very well. Balbeer says, lets see what happen later. Pandit says lets fire up the agni in the havan But wood doesnt burnt up. Pandit ji says lets try again. i dont know why wood doesnt burnt up. Veera says, i know why wood doesnt work, because mata rani dont want that her chowki will not happen on that road. everybody move while wearing slippers and cattles moving here, so mata ji dont like this place. Baldev says, oye Veera,

I am doing mataji ki chowki from many years, this is all done this year. Veera says, Mataji now cant control thats why she doesnt allow to burnt up. Everybody allow on veera talk. Veera says, Baldev will have to promise to everybody and mata rani that he will never done that work again. baldev move towards Veera in a angry mood and sarpanch ji shouted on baldev. Surjit stops baldev and says, what she know about our culture. veera says, ok i dont know about culture but pandit ji knows the culture, if he say sorry to mataji then she will forgive him, pandit ji accept it. Then baldev say, sorry. balbeer changed the havan kund. Veera again bring pandit ji near to havan kund. As the Pandit ji lighten the wood, it got burnt up.

Veera says to forgive her, from mata rani. matarani got happy from your promise, so you dont worry and surjit singh ji baldev insulted you, you cant do puja of mata rani. Dont be orthodox.

Baldev move towards jeep and see that its jeep doesnt have tyres then veera says, arey vah baldev, your jeep is pretty good, its doesnt have tyres. Baldev says, Veera you have really messed up with wrong person. Veera says, i know you are really wrong person.
Surjit singh got angry on Baldev.

Baldev stood up up in a angry mood, kartarya come and says i think veera was in all this. baldev says, i know Veera has completely done this. Chaiji says to Veera, what do you have? baldev is very bad boy. Ratan parjai says whats wrong in it.

Precap:- Karan Called up Veera and she says, why you called me early morning. Karan says, i am not your boyfriend then veera says, if you are the last boy of earth then also you wont be my boyfriend, ratan parjai heard all this….

Update Credit to: Tushar Sharma

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