Veera 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera and Baldev romancing in the storeroom. Ranvi is coming towards them. Baldev compliments her beauty and she smiles. Yaara ve……………..plays…………. Baldev gets closer to kiss her and she closes her eyes. Ratan thinks why is Baldev and Veera taking so much time. Gunjan sees her and alerts Veera and Baldev. They move back and come out with the crockery. Ratan asks why did she become late. Veera says I was cleaning it, as it was not in use since long. Ranvi catches Gunjan and gets romantic. She says leave me and he smiles. She says now you miss me, when I saw you, you did not see me. He says everyone was there. She says I m your wife and they are our families.

She says true love is not to be hidden, a man should have courage to accept love. He says fine, shall I show you courage. She says Biji and he moves back. She runs. Bansuri asks why is Lassi like this, did sugar ended at home. Chaiji says no, your tongue is bitter so you are feeling sugar is less. Veera and Baldev worry. Bansuri and Chaiji have a bad equation. Bansuri steps on Chaiji’s dupatta to tear it. Chaiji gets upset. Ratan says I will serve food. Veera says no, I will do it, and makes the curry fall on Bansuri. Chaiji smiles.

Veera apologizes. Baldev signs what is she doing. Bansuri praises herself and says lets see the taste here. Chaiji says we will come your home and have food there. Bansuri does not like the food and says less salt. Veera says fine, I will put salt. She sprinkles and the entire bottle falls. Baldev is tensed seeing Veera’s blunders. Veera says sorry. He goes to Veera and says I have an idea, by which you can keep Biji happy, be away from her.

He says he wants water. Veera says yes and goes to give him. He touches her hand and smiles. She looks around and steps on his feet. He says oye…… Bansuri asks what happened. He says mosquito has bitten me. Gunjan understands and smiles. Ranvi comes and sings Bekhudi bebasi bepanaah…………… song playing the guitar. Everyone see him and smile. He sings for Gunjan. Veera goes and Baldev follows her quietly while everyone get busy with Ranvi’s song. Veera and Baldev meet in kitchen and have an eyelock romancing on Ranvi’s song. They dance and look very cute together. Veera and Baldev join everyone outside as the song ends.

Everyone clap for Ranvi. Its night, Gunjan is happy and talks to Ranvi. He hugs her and says he did this for her. She says it was fun with everyone today. He says yes. She says I went to market in afternoon and a lady asked me did we start finding a guy for Veera. He says he is small. She says she will always be small for you, but she has grown up, this things will take time, we have to think. She asks what type of guy you want for Veera. He says I always made her a princess, I want that guy to make her queen, he should be hardworking, clean hearted, loves his family, knows relations well else he can’t respect his wife.
She says yes you are right, do you know any such guy in our Pind or outside. He says no one deserves Veera here. She thinks how will Ranvi accept Baldev then. Ranvi sleeps. Baldev comes to meet Veera in her room through window. He asks her what happened. She says nothing. He asks is she thinking about today, forget it now. She says she looked annoyed, I m thinking my families are so different, I don’t think they will agree. He says but we agree, what matters then. She says it matters a lot. He holds her hand and says we like each other, that’s it, they will have to agree to us. She smiles. He says if they don’t, then leave it. He blinks smiling.

Veera gets Nihaal’s message and sees his online. He talks to her on video chat and she says you did not come online since many days, where were you. He says I went out of city for few days for work. She tells him about Baldev, she shared her feelings and he also said he loves her. He says congrats, does everyone know. She says no no, Gunjan knows, but I told her not to tell anyone, and Ranvi. She says when right time comes, I will tell everyone. He says fine and asks about site work. She says going great. He sees Ranvi’s pic behind her and asks her. She says yes, its him. He says he has grown up. She says yes, he has become singer now. Nihaal is happy.

Veera says there is good news, his album is releasing. Nihaal says he deserves this, he is very talented. Veera asks Nihaal to see everyone, as he has not seen them. He says anyone can see me. She says no, I will show you from far. She takes the laptop and shows everyone. First Ranvi, sleeping. Nihaal smiles and cries happily seeing them after a long time. Veera says she is Gunjan. She shows Chai ji. Ratan comes and says Veera. Nihaal hears her voice. Veera gets tensed as Ratan walks towards her.

Veera continues talking to Nihaal and Chai ji hears them talking. Chai ji is shocked seeing Nihaal. Veera is shocked seeing him on video chat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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