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Veera 4th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gunjan praising her dress and flaunting her style. The girls ask does Ratan not tell anything. Chaiji gets head ache by the music. Ratan gives her tea. Chai ji says I have much head ache, give me balm. Ratan says tell Gunjan to lower the volume. Chai ji says no need, let her do this. Ratan laughs. Gunjan says she will make this place as Mumbai, as no one has problem with this. The girl says you are very lucky. Gunjan says yes, I m lucky, lets play cards now. They ask what, do you play cards. Gunjan says yes, everyone play in Mumbai, you all will learn if you stay with me.

Baldev and Veera are on the way. Veera asks will you drop me home before Ranvi comes. He says yes, don’t worry. She asks is your friend’s GF coming. He says yes stopping the car, its problem that Ranvi did not agree, we both will convince him, now you have come with me, so spend the time in love talk. They smile and he drives again. He gives her chip packet and jokes. She asks him to do love talk and he laughs. Music plays……………Happy shappy wala love………………plays…………..

Ranvi is also on the way. The driver praises his singing. Ranvi thinks he should have not scolded Veera, she might have felt bad. He gets Mehra’s call and says I m coming, oh, its fine, no need to say sorry, machine can go wrong anytime. He asks driver to take him back. He thinks he will go home and talk to Veera. Bansuri gets ready and smiles. She thinks she will get everything for me. She thinks Gunjan getting electronics and foreign cosmetics for her. Balwant comes and is shocked seeing her full makeup. He asks whats this. She says Gunjan got this make up for me.

She says she is going in party. He asks did Gunjan invite you. She says no, whats there to invite, I m her mum. I will surprise her. He says yes, even scare everyone, be careful, you are looking very good with makeup. She leaves. Ratan and Nihaal work and hold the same pen while working. They look at each other. He asks her to take it. A paper falls. They pick it and their heads stroke. Ranvi comes home. Ratan asks about his recording. He says it got cancelled, as studio machine got unwell. He asks about Veera. She says Chaiji said she is sleeping. He says at this time, I will go and see her.

Ratan says they can’t be without each other. Nihaal says yes. Ratan says Veera did not go with Baldev as Ranvi said no. Baldev and Veera come in the Dangal where the wrestling is going on. Billa’s GF does not come and Jaggi laughs on him. Baldev asks Billa where is his GF. Billy says she did not come, her dad did not allow. Baldev and Veera hold hands. They see the wrestling. A man pushes Veera and Baldev gets angry. Veera can’t see anything, and Baldev lifts her to make her see the wresting. She smiles. Veera enjoys.

Ranvi comes to Veera’s room and knocks the door saying her name. The door opens and he goes inside. He asks did she take medicines or just slept like this, did she apply balm, if she is having much headache, he will massage. He says I know you are annoyed with me, try to understand me, how can I allow you to go in dangal, I would have allowed you if the place was different, if you don’t talk to me, it looks I don’t have reason to live. He holds her and sees the pillows.

Ranvi is shocked seeing the pillows and gets angry. He goes to Ratan and Nihaal. Bansuri comes to meet Gunjan. Gunjan sees her over makeup. The girls ask what happened to her, why so much makeup. Gunjan asks what are you doing here. Bansuri says I came in your party. The girls laugh in Bansuri. Gunjan says she kept it for her friends, do you see any elders here, Biji and Chaiji are upstairs, and why this makeup. Bansuri says you gave me, I came here to make you happy. Gunjan says you embarrassed me. Bansuri is shocked. Ranvi tells everything to Ratan.

Nihaal says where can she go. Ranvi says I know where she went and with whom, she went to see Dangal with Baldev, I told her that place is not safe for her, she always agreed to me, its first time she went against me. How can she do this? Because of Baldev, he made her do this, I m going to bring Veera back. Ratan stops him and says Baldev is there with her to take care of her, don’t do. Ranvi says that place is not safe for her, have to get her. He leaves. Gunjan is shocked seeing this. Gunjan asks where did he go. Bansuri asks why did RRanvi go in anger. Ratan looks on.

Veera and Baldev enjoy in the Dangal. Baldev protects her. Baldev asks Veera is she enjoying. She says yes. Ratan calls Veera, but her phone is off. Ratan says Ranvi went in anger, don’t know what will happen. The girls leave. Gunjan says what does Ranvi think. Can’t Baldev take care of Veera, what sin did he do. Bansuri is happy and thinks this will benefit her. Gunjan argues with Ratan. Ratan says I know Baldev changed. Gunjan says talk to Ranvi. She asks Ratan to call Baldev. Baldev,Veera and everyone are happy as Pritampura wrestler has come. The men get offended and go to teach them a lesson.

The men start a fight with Baldev and Veera. Baldev says lets go Veera. They push them and they fall. Veera gets hurt. Baldev gets angry seeing her hurt and looks at the man angrily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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