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Veera 4th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gunjan thinking to convince Bansuri for accepting Veera. She sees Ratan and goes to talk to her, asking whats the right age for a girl to get married. Ratan says it can be anything, but she has to get right guy. Gunjan thinks for Biji, Veera is near her age to marry, now I will have to find from mum whether she likes Veera. Baldev is right for Veera. She smiles. Ranvi comes to meet Baldev and Baldev was expecting Veera. Baldev says don’t worry, everything is good at the site. Ranvi says yes, I can see, you are also working hard, good to see, where is Veera. Baldev says she went home for some work, I don’t know. Ranvi says but I m coming from home.

Baldev says she maybe on the way, its raining, so maybe she stopped. Ranvi says fine and leaves. Baldev is relieved. Veera asks Bansuri to grind chillies in grinder. Bansuri says its not working. Veera says she will help her. Bansuri says this can go in eyes. Veera says no, let me do, your and mine work will be done. Bansuri asks what. Veera says nothing, I will do. Bansuri says fine and leaves. Veera grinds the chillies and gets tired. She says this is very difficult, its hot, what to do. She sees a table fan and says I will on it. She switches it on and the chilli powder goes in Bansuri’s eyes. Bansuri shouts and asks Veera to turn off the fan as the chilli powder went in her eyes.

Veera says I m so sorry. Bansuri says my eyes are burning, don’t help me now. Veera says sorry. Bansuri asks her to leave. Veera says sorry and leaves. Ranvi sits with his guitar and I will call music director to know about recording. He calls him and asks about his album release. The man says it will take some time, there are many things. We are doing work, when I get the know the date, I will inform you. Ranvi thanks him and tells this to Gunjan.

Gunjan is excited and thanks Lord. She says now you will be very famous and will sing songs for big people. She says you will get rich, what will you do by money. She asks will he buy house, car or buy jewellery for her. He says he will use it for his dad’s dream, I will be very happy. She says yes. He says I will save some money for some important work, to get a gold necklace for my beautiful wife to glorify her beauty. She smiles.

Baldev and his friends are together. Veera comes to talk to Baldev. Baldev asks Jaggi to leave. Baldev asks Veera why is her mood bad. She says her plan to impress Bansuri failed, she was impressed but fan spoiled it. He says fan? When I left home, Biji was happy then what happened. She tells about chilli matter and he laughs. She is tensed and says why is he laughing, she is back to zero now. He says fine, leave what happened, I will suggest you. He says Biji gets happy by food, if anyone cooks great food, that’s it.

He asks her to invite Biji for dinner. She says great, we will call you all tonight, I will ask my family to invite you and your family. He stops her and asks her for a sweet kiss for his suggestion. She says sure, close your eyes. He says really? And closes his eyes. She steps on his feet and runs. He smiles and says Kamli…….

Ratan asks Veera why to invite Gunjan’s family suddenly. Gunjan supports Veera. Ratan agrees and says I will invite them. Ratan calls Balwant and invites them for dinner tonight as its Veera’s suggestion. Balwant says they will surely come and Veera gave a good suggestion. He says I will tell Bansuri now. Ratan says we will meet tonight and tells everyone that they are coming. Veera jumps and Gunjan smiles. Veera wishes Lord to make everything fine.

Bansuri’s eyes are still burning. Balwant tells her not to cook today. She asks why, are you bringing any Sautan for me. He says Ratan invited them for dinner. She says I won’t go. He says lets go and have some talk. She says Veera has put chilli powder in my eyes so calling to make me eat chilli now. He says it happened by mistake. She says I can’t take risk. He says I told them we are coming, now we have to go and get ready. She says fine. Veera and Gunjan talk how to impress everyone.

Ranvi says tell me what can I do. Everyone smile seeing him in kitchen. Gunjan pulls his leg. Ranvi says give me some work and see. Gunjan says fine, go and clean the hall. He says fine, I will clean it and you will see. Balwant comes with Bansuri and Baldev. Bansuri steps on Chaiji’s leg by mistake and Chaiji says Haye Rabba……………….Bansuri apologizes and shows her new sandal from city. Everyone have a good time. Balwant talks to Ranvi about site work. Ranvi says Baldev is working very hard now. Baldev smiles and looks for Veera.

Gunjan sees Baldev looking for Veera and asks him to go to storeroom to help Veera. Ratan says no, I will go and help her. Baldev says no, I will just come. He smiles thanking Gunjan and leaves. Ranvi goes after Gunjan and says where did she go, maybe went upstairs for some work. Baldev meets Veera in the store room and she says you scared me. He says scared? No love? She smiles and they get closer. Ranvi walks to them looking for Gunjan. Veera closes her eyes as Baldev is about to kiss her.

Gunjan talks to Ranvi about the guy suitable for Veera. Ranvi says there is no one in our Pind.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Arman. I really didnt know.. u said this.. but i do remember reading that about veera hiding things from ranvi…but i definitely dont remember someone writing that how can veera agree to kiss …. and its not a big deal..anybody can think…so dont tell anyone cheater based on that.okay!

  2. Really right arman I know you have said this before. .they r cheating u…
    Don’t worry they r really cheaters

  3. AWW AND LOL u both guys are copying my text…whay u r saying now I have already said this..cheaters

  4. Hahha i know right..this is so irritating that veera is hiding things from ranvi. .and lol how can she agrree to kiss..she’s even faster than ranvi…even ranvi dont do these kind of scences

  5. First of all why veera is hiding from ranvi…this is show is about them.. she should tell ranvi first ..about her feelings….that would be great. . And omg wow how can veera agree to

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