Veera 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera and Ranvi talking via Ratan. Ratan takes them to the room and locks them, asking them to sort their problem. Ranvi and Veera stay silent and annoyed. They look at each other. Ratan and Gunjan wait outside. They break their silence. Ranvi says I m not feeling good saying you no, I m not happy breaking your heart. She says I know you love me a lot and my happiness is important, so you got angry on Baldev. She says if you did not know I love Baldev and you knew this bad side of him, would you react this way. He says you mean he did right thing, yes maybe I won’t do this and try to know. She says then why did you get so angry, I know he works without thinking, but he is really changing, you can ask the Pind about him.

He says yes, but he is not mature, how can I give your hand to him. She cries and says you are feeling this as you came to know suddenly, that’s why I wanted to tell you on right time, so that you understand why is Baldev right for me. She says you came to know we wanted to marry, but now that why I love him and how much. She says I m fighting with you, I m annoyed, but can’t explain that its hard for me to live without Baldev. He asks her not to cry. She asks him to give another chance to Baldev. He promises her. She hugs him. He says when did you grow up. He says lets go out, Biji might be worried.

Veera thinks she will ask Ranvi about him. Its morning, Gunjan orders crockery and tells Chai ji that its bone china. Ranvi says whats the need to get this, your friends are from Pind. Gunjan says it does not mean you don’t make our status better. Ratan asks Gunjan to do as she likes, and likes what to make in evening. Gunjan says chef is coming. Ranvi says its too much, why the chef, its 10 days party at home. Ratan supports Gunjan and says let her do what she wants. Chai ji asks what will chef make. Gunjan says thai and continental.

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Ranvi says Biji make daal makhani, if her friends does not like it, we can’t make them go hungry. They laugh. Veera sees them laughing and smiles. She thinks she will talk to Ranvi about Baldev as he is in good mood. She comes to him and asks for permission to go with Baldev in Dangal. Ranvi says goons come there and girls don’t come there. He says I said no to Baldev as he wanted to take her there. He says no good girl comes there. Veera says many girls are coming. He says he knows everyone, no need to go. Veera says its wrong, you said you will give chance to Baldev, but you don’t trust him, maybe the place is not bad.

Ranvi says he knows that place, its bad and she can’t go there. She says fine, I won’t go, happy. She leaves. Ratan sees Ranvi worried. Baldev is with his friends. Baldev calls Veera and she thinks she will meet him and talk. Baldev’s friend say is she not coming so she is not taking the call. Jaggi says Ranvi won’t send Veera with you. Baldev gets angry. Jaggi says we are your friends, so telling the truth, Ranvi does not value you, you will sit here and get old. He asks him to forget Veera and make any other GF. Veera comes and hears this. Baldev says no, my Veera will come, she loves me a lot, I know she respects Ranvi a lot, but she loves me a lot, she will surely come. Veera says I will come Baldev, your Veera will come with you for sure. Baldev sees her and smiles.

He says see she came here to give me good news, so she did not take my call. Jaggi asks did Ranvi agree. She says no, but I will still come with you Baldev. Baldev is shocked. They smile. Baldev says see, if you both say nonsense, I will beat you both. He asks her to get ready fast. She leaves. Gunjan talks to her friends and shows her class. She talks in English. Ratan comes and asks them to have food. They ask Ratan to come with them. Ratan says you have a talk. Gunjan says lets eat first, come on. Gunjan tells about the dishes. They see the unique crockery. Gunjan tells about different spoons.

Veera comes home and sees Gunjan. Gunjan says she will get Veera. Veera asks where is Ranvi. Gunjan says he will come late, he went for recording. Veera says fine and says she will eat at night. The girls like the food and praise Gunjan as Ratan and Veera does not interfere in her life. They say Gunajn is lucky. Gunjan says yes, its such life in Mumbai. She plays the music. Baldev waits for Veera. Veera gets his call and says sorry Veer ji, for breaking your trust but I can’t break Baldev’s heart. She tells Baldev she is coming.

Veera comes out and tells Chai ji that she has high head ache, she will sleep for some time. Chai ji says yes, take rest, I also don’t like this music, I will put cotton buds in my ears. Chai ji leaves. Veera shuts the door and keeps pillows in the bed under the bedcover. She gets down the window and Baldev looks on shocked and smiling. She says what am I doing in his love. She gets down by the sheet pulldown. He says be careful. She falls and he catches her smiling. She says you scared me. He says you think you will fall, will Baldev let you fall. She smiles.

Gunjan tells about her designer dress. They ask does Ratan not say anything.Gunjan says this is my lifestyle. Chaiji gets headache. Ratan and Chai ji have a talk. Ratan says as Gunjan to shut the music. Chai ji asks Ratan to let Gunjan do her wishes true.

Update Credit to: Amena

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