Veera 3rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 3rd May 2014 Written Episode, Veera 3rd May 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Ranveer came to his room and give good news to gunjan that biji has accepted to veera as her child. Ranveer tells the truth of veera that gunjan didnt take birth at his home. Gunjan ask, did veera tell that who has told this? Ranveer says, i think that veera has heard biji and my conversation. Gunjan says, i want sweets on this occasion. Ranveer gone from that room. Gunjan then says, this is auspicious occation for us to ranveer, i want to see alot but you are not here. Biji sings song for veera.
Biji sees ranveer and ask, why is this sweets. Ranveer says, this is auspicious occation for us, so sweet is must. Biji ask, have you given sweets to gunjan? Ranveer says, no. Biji says, go and give it to her. Ranveer goes into room and see that gunjan is already slept.
At morning, gunjan wants to close the zip,but she is unable. Ranveer feels shy and gunjan says, do it. Ranveer feels hesitation then gunjan says, you cannot close the zip with one hand. Ranveer then break the zip, then gunjan does acting then she hugs him. Ranveer says, somebody will see us. Ranveer then gone from room.
Veera says that election is coming. Chaiji says, one of our relative is also standing in election. Veera then educate her that we have inquire about candidate for election.
everybody starts breakfast and chaiji and biji pulling leg of ranveer and veera. Chaiji gives complement of baldev then veera supports him too. Baldev reaches there and says, i always respect for ladies. chaiji says, ya. come and lets do breakfast.
Veera then gone from there. Ranveer tries to wash his hand and gunjan help him to wash. ranveer gives compliment to gunjan for her parathe. Baldev says, oye gunjan, why are you washing legs of ranveer. Veera talk with her friend then baldev also reaches there. Veera says, why you came up, go and take your breakfast. Baldev says, soon, you will give me food with your own hand.
Baldev says, now everything is set, now we will think about us. veera says, now its enough. Stop your drama. Baldev says, i am not doing drama. Now i will do this with all right because i win all the bets. Veera says, dont do joke now. baldev says, you know i am not doing joking. I will not step back, now i will talk about our wedding.

Precap:- balwant tayaji says to ranveer, putar you stand in this election, you definitely win this election. Ranveer says, no, i will not.s

Update Credit to: tushar

  1. This is boring

  2. Adha adhura update:-(

  3. Ranvee and Gunjan ka Romance extraordinary. both so beautiful Gunja feeling is very nice and shy, she looking so beautiful. and Veera and Baladev love kab ayengi track par. Ranvee and Gunjan ka romance take long time both are feeling good. thanks for this serial. veera ka Ardass veera. like this serial sooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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