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Veera 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvi scolding Veera for bringing drunk Raj there and creating a scene. Veera says she loves Baldev a lot, she did all this to save Baldev from Simran, she could not see him jumping in fire. Ranvi asks what now, you can move ahead in your life now. Veera thinks about Baldev’s words. Simran scolds Raj and asks him to leave. Raj says they will love and marry, Baldev does not do any work and is living on his dad’s money. Simran says she will find someone else and scolds him. Baldev and his friends look on. Raj also scolds her and breaks relation with her. He leaves. Simran gets angry. Ratan asks Veera to stop crying. Ratan pacifies her. Veera says she can’t explain her heart that she can be happy without Baldev.

Chai ji asks whats the hurry to marry, it bring many responsibilities, and Ranvi is her brother and mother, and did not teach her cooking, she does not know to make tea and can’t clean house. Ratan smiles. Chai ji says its big responsibility, can you take it. Veera thinks and says you are saying as if I will do a job. Chai ji says marriage means 24 hours job and no leave. Chai ji asks Veera to leave it on Lord. Amrit beats Simran and scolds her. Simran says Veera got him here. Amrit says you have given address to Raj and met him, I have fooled Bansuri and you have…….. They are shocked seeing Bansuri. Bansuri hears them and is shocked thinking of her apology.

Rajveer meets Ranvi and asks about Baldev’s marriage which got broken. Ranvi says sorry, but I can’t force Veera to marry you if she says no. He leaves. Rajveer says you will make Veera marry me, the wind direction is changing and a storm will come. She will marry me. Bansuri packs Amrit’s bag while she asks her to stop. Amrit tries convincing her and puts all blame on Veera. Bansuri asks her to leave. Veera comes to meet Baldev at the polyhouse. He asks is she happy now. She cries. She says everyone is annoyed with her and now he can also get annoyed. Mahiya……………plays………… Baldev says he has given her all the rights, and asks how did she love him. She hugs him.

Veera and Baldev clear their differences and smile. He says he has to become responsible. She says Ratan and Chai ji that she will become a bad wife, as he knows she can just make burnt noodles. He says he will eat the burnt noodles to spend life with her. He asks what happened. She says our love story is still at the same point, we love each other but how will elders agree. Baldev says this time they will agree and makes her sit and listen to him. He says he will become responsible, be honest and good, then Ranvi will agree. He says he will convince Ranvi. He says Ranvi will bring shagun to my house. She smiles and hugs him.

He asks her to do something. She asks what. He says learn cooking. She says what? You just said you will eat burnt noodles, then. He says yes, but there is a small problem, I don’t like noodles, make burnt daal, I will have it. She beats him. Rajveer comes there and gets angry seeing them together. Veera falls on Baldev and they have an eyelock. Rajveer says Ranvi won’t make her marry me without her wish and she will not marry me by her wish, this is a big problem, I have to do something. He calls someone and says there is a work.

Veera and Baldev meet. Few goons beat up Baldev. She shouts Baldev and tries to save him.

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