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Veera 30th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvi coming back home and thinks how many more lies he has to tell Gunjan to hide one. He comes home and sees Gunjan waiting for him. She keeps food ready and asks him to come and have his fav food. She says you did not get time to have food well, come, lets have together, how was your recording, I want to hear it from you. Ranvi is sad and cries. She asks what happened. He says he had food and now he is tired so just wants to sleep. She says its fine, but tomorrow I will make you have food by my hands, take rest, as we have to shift in morning. He says yes. Rabba ve………………….plays…………….

Its morning, they come to the new house and clean it. They set the home. O Rabba dil ki duhai sun…………….plays…………. They keep family pic frames and smile seeing them. Nihaal comes to Veera’s house. Veera greets Nihaal good morning, and asks him to have hot parathas by Ratan. Ratan comes and serves them food. Baldev comes and greets them. He says Nihaal Chachu, you had food at home with me, and you are eating here again. Ratan and Veera are surprised. Baldev says you said your stomach is very much full, then whats this. Hadippa………..plays…………. Nihaal says he is feeling hungry again. Baldev says me too, can I get one paratha. Ratan says yes, sit and have it.

Baldev signs Veera that she is looking very pretty. She signs you are looking so so and smiles. Nihaal sees them signing and talking, and looks at Ratan. He does hmmhmmmm….. He says Baldev I gave you money and specifications to get the motor, ask me if you want to know anything. Baldev says yes, I will go. Veera says I will also go, I have work at site. They leave. Nihaal and Ratan are left alone. He asks about Chaiji. She says she is in room, shall I call him. Nihaal says no I will meet her and goes.

Baldev laughs and talks to Veera saying you are making excuses to come with me. She says no, I really have work, you go to bring the motor. He asks for a hug. She says you first go. He says fine, going. They have an eyelock. He leaves. She smiles. He comes back and she is surprised. He says wait a min, I did not come to take a hug, tell me what do you want from city, what should I bring. She says nothing, bring pump sets and come safe. He says you are not romantic. She says now go. He leaves. She says by God, he is Jhalla.

Gunjan arranges the cupboard and says when Ranvi comes home and sees home so set up, he will be happy and praise me. She says when his film releases, he will get popular and everyone will hear his songs, and I will be known as popular singer Ranvijay’s wife. She gets the hotel card in his clothes and calls on the number. Baldev and his friend are waiting at a shop to get the motor pump. He is getting angry. He says he wanted to get the pumps, and buy some jeans kurti for Veera, but all time is passing by, I could not get anything being in city, what boyfriend I m. His friend says I will be here, you go and buy gift for her. Baldev is happy and says don’t make any mistake. He says don’t worry, I will manage. Baldev leaves to market.

Ranvi sings at the bar. He sings Saaya saaya hun…………….. The lady Megha notices her. Anmol comes and smiles hearing Ranvi. Anmol praises Ranvi’s talent and says I feel you are singing here for years, not two days. Ranvi says you know everything. Anmol says the work that gets food and roof is good. Megha comes to him and gives him Rs 500 note. Ranvi is shocked. Anmol greets her and thanks her. She leaves. Anmol says you got the tip from Megha. Ranvi asks who is she and why did she give me money. Anmol says are you joking to not know her, she is Megha Kapoor, a hit singer in yesteryears, she has magical voice.

He says she stopped singing since few years, don’t know why. He says she is regular customer os this bar, I think she liked it, take this tip as good luck charm. Nihaal and Veera have a talk. Ratan comes and looks tired. Nihaal sees Ratan unwell and asks Veera to do oil massage. Ratan says she is fine and I will take some rest. She leaves. Veera says you understand Biji so well. Nihaal says no, she is always working, so she might be tired, I just guessed. Baldev comes and hides the gift. Nihaal asks did the motor pump. Baldev says yes, I kept it on polyhouse. Nihaal sees the gift and says I have work. He leaves them alone.

Baldev holds Veera’s hand and she says anyone will see. He flirts. Baldev gives her the gift. She says you went for motor or this gift. He says see it. She likes the kurti and smiles. She thanks him and says its very good, now you go. He asks her to wear it tomorrow. She says fine, happy now. He says can I get a hug or kiss, as I m very tired. She smiles. He says he will get energy. She says go. He says fine and moves. She holds his hand and stops him. She hugs him and they smile. Yaara ve……………..plays…………….. She kisses on his cheek and runs. He smiles and says Haye Marjaavan Gud Khaake………

Gunjan comes to the bar and asks is there music studio. The guard says no. She comes in hearing Ranvi’s voice and goes inside thinking its studio.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. love dis episode. gunjan.ranvi.veera.baldev.ratan.chaiji.nihaal.such a gud family.git a feeling nihaals gunna marry ratan.i knw dat dis is nt da age to get mrried.buh jus so dat da family can get sum earnings and he can also hav a family in dat village nd hav da right to stay

  2. Plz amena aj Ki updates kyu Ni Ki abi tk dabh Ki n yrkkh Ki n kkb Ki plz do it

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