Veera 30th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Veera 30th August 2013 Written Episode, Veera 30th August 2013 Written Update

In Nihal’s room Chaiji threatened him that if he leaves this village then she will think him as coward; now decision is on his hand..their whole conversation was overheard by Vansali.

After leaving Chaiji Vansali entered in Nihal’s room n unfolded what she had heard n started lusting on him saying Ratan won’t understand ever his pain n sacrificing for her family n said she(vansali) will give all love which Ratan never gave him.

Nihal became furious n pushed her..he rebuked her for doing such nasty behavior.. Vansali threatened him she won’t leave him for showing rude attitude before her n left.

Ranveera came back home after enjoying their picnic..Veera depicted how they have enjoyed their picnic to Ratan but Ratan had no interest on her utterance..even she couldn’t escape

her pale face before Ranvi.. Ranvi asked about it but Ratan remained calm..Veera showed a plant to Ratan which she has brought for Nihal..then described how Ranvi fought with Baldev when he had said worse words about Nihal.

Ratan shouted on veera for saying Nihal cachu!! Nihal Chacu!! whole time.. moreover, she asked them to be fresh..Ranveera went to be fresh n Ratan was in dilemma!! what should she do now b/c her children r so much attached with Nihal but they don’t know that nihal is their father’s murderer.

Vansali revealed about nihal to her hubby in drawing room where he was discussing on something with few village people..After hearing everything he became shocked n confused but nihal’s another rival Bakthwar got chance to attack on nihal again hence despite prohibition of village chief, he went to teach nihal along with another village people.

Ranveera in Nihal’s home..Veera gifted her plant to nihal n gave instruction how can he take care this plant..Veera asked him why is he crying!! Did he not like her gift!! Nihal fondled her n hugged her saying he loved it ample..

Suddenly, they heard noise out of nihal’s house..nihal came out from his room ordering ranveera staying in room..

Bakthwar n another people restrained nihal out of his home n Bak shouted on him then instructed others to kill him but village chief came at this time n take away nihal with him for judging him in village council according to law.

Ranvi was watching whole scene remaining in hidden..

He ran swiftly along with veera n came home..then informed to ratan everything which had happened in nihal’s home.

Precap: In village council Ratan announced she has forgiven Nihal but abruptly Ranvi shouted saying Biji with furious face in gather.


Update Credit to: nabii

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