Veera 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera asking Baldev to go home. He holds her hand and stops her. He says if Ranvi knows, he will create a scene being angry, thinking this shall I let you go far from me, I m not afraid of him. She smiles and says I know you are not afraid, I don’t want us to run and marry, are we thieves. He says you are right, when I get angry, I forget, its true, I loved, not did any theft, I will marry you, I will bring baraat with band and Ranvi will welcome me. He holds her hand and says we both are made for each other, sometimes my mind cooks up and your sweet words calm it. She says have some patience, I know Ranvi is annoyed, but he knows I love you a lot. She says trust me, its late, I will leave now. He says don’t say going, but say I will become a bride and come your home soon. She smiles and leaves.

Its morning, Gunjan says she will have oats she got from Mumbai. Ratan asks her to have parathas. Gunjan says shall we buy a microwave here, I used to make oil less food and cake also. Ratan says fine, we will buy. Gunjan says fine, I will order. They smile. Ranvi waits for Veera. Veera comes and says she has to go for work for Krish Vidyalaya. Ratan asks her to have food. Veera says no, don’t worry for me. I m not hungry. Ranvi looks on. Veera leaves. Ranvi also moves his plate back and does not have food. Ratan says you both sort out the fight, you both are annoyed and no one is having food.

Ranvi says put food in her bag next time, she will eat when she is hungry. Chaiji asks then why is she doing this. He says I worry for her, so doing this. Baldev talks to Jaggi and Billa. Jaggi says we heard Ranvi had rejected you. Billa says why did he reject. Baldev says we did not tell him on right time, so he got annoyed else its yes from his side. Jaggi says Ranvi became rich, he will do Veera’s proposal with some rich guy, she will get any good guy, as she is educated. Baldev gets angry on him. Jaggi apologizes.

Baldev says Veera is mine, I can marry her even today if I want, but I want everything to happen by everyone’s acceptance. They ask Baldev to get Veera in the party. Billa asks him to get Ranvi’s permission, else lie to him. Jaggi says lift her and bring her. Baldev says Veera will come by her wish. Ratan tells Nihaal that Ranvi and Veera are not talking, its not looking good. Nihaal says I m sure Veera will explain Ranvi. Ranvi is angry now and its justified, we know he follows ethics, but he can’t judge Baldev for one thing.

He says leave everything on time. She says yes, I will do my work now. He says he will help her. She says no, I will do. He insists and she agrees. They help each other. Veera comes home and sees them. A box of lentils fall on Nihaal and he says now I know why you stood up there, to make things fall on me. Ratan laughs. Veera smiles seeing her happy. Veera talks to Gunjan and says Ranvi is upset because of me. Gunjan says yes, you have to manage Ranvi and Baldev. Veera says its difficult to make Ranvi agree. Gunjan says we will do something, we will make cake for everyone when microwave comes, have cake together. Veera smiles.

The microwave comes and Gunjan follows the guidelines to use it. Veera says she will help her. Gunjan says no, I will call you when the cake is ready. They smile and leave. Veera comes in her room. Baldev comes to meet her. She says you again. He says we have to go in party in near by Pind. She says no, Ranvi won’t agree. Baldev says is there no one in world except Ranvi, you can worry for him, not me. He says even Jaggi and Billa’s GFs are coming. He says he is hearing everyone’s taunt, Ranvi has rejected me. I felt you love me and now I feel its not true.

Baldev asks her can she do anything without Ranvi’s permission. She says he is annoyed. He says till when will he be? I did not kill anyone, I just said. He says can’t I do anything seeing you in problem. She says you love so much right. He says more than you think. They smile. He says he wants to see hr smiling. She asks shall I book your ticket to Agra. He asks why. She says as you are going mad. He says he is mad for him, girls die for such madness, and you don’t value me. Music plays…………….. he goes close to her and someone knocks on the door.

Ratan asks what happened, why is the door closed. Veera says she is changing, everything is fine, something fell, I m coming. Ratan asks her to come as Gunjan made the cake. Veera asks Baldev to go. Baldev says you are coming, that’s it., He kisses her forehead and leaves. She smiles. Everyone like the cake. Ranvi is upset. Veera thinks he is annoyed, how will I talk to him. Gunjan says she will call her friends and do party. Ranvi is lost in thoughts. Ratan says yes, you can do that, happiness will come by this. Veera tells Ratan that she needs to talk to Ranvi. Ratan says yes, you do, he is infront of you. Veer says Biji, tell him that………..Ranvi says Biji, tell your daughter to talk to me straightly. Ratan says why do I, she is your sister and daughter, you talk. Veera says he does not want to talk to me. Ratan says enough Veera, get up and come. She takes them to a room and locks them inside. She asks them to end their fight. Gunjan says you did the right thing.

Veera thinks sorry, she is going against Ranvi and can’t break Baldev’s heart. She gets Baldev’s call and says she is ready. She keeps pillows on her bed and is ready to leave.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. veera how can u be so selfish & go against ranvi who is ur anokhi maa ?

  2. Pyar keliye sab sandy
    hey sand

  3. I don’t think she’ll be able to run she’ll probably get caught

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