Veera 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Veera 2nd May 2014 Written Update

veera talked to Sarpanch ji’s snap and says, i never missed you because veer ji has done everything for me. I am very happy now. Chaiji came and veera says to her, veerji is now totally completed. Chaiji says, you have done this. You have fulfil your duty very smartly.
Gunjan waits for ranveer. Ranveer reaches at room and gunjan says, where were you? I was very hungry. I thought i will spent some time with you but unfortunately i leg gets sprained. Gunjan says, lets take meal with me. Ranveer says, you take this meal, i will take later.
Veera says, Biji and veerji has done alot for me. I am not her daughter but they have given lot of love. They didnt think me seperate person to me. Chaiji says, you are not seperate from us, you are our veera. My chichdi. BIji and ranveer heard all this.
Ranveer says, why you said this? you are seperate from us. Tell me the truth, why you said this. Veera says, aveyi veerji aise hi muh se nikal gya..CHaiji says, its enough veera, we have to tell the truth to them. YOu had given me swear to me but you have to tell everything to them. Veera tells the truth that she knows everthing about her birth. Ranveer ask from veera, when will you know it. Veera says, whenever my grand parents came to pind. Ranveer gets surprised. Veera says, it doesnt matter for me, i love you so much. But now i respect you alot.
Ranveer says, it was my fault. Veera says, i am very happy because now our relation become more strong. Biji and you given me lot of love. I have two mothers, you and biji. Now we will forget everything. BIji says, ranveer will forget everything but i cant. i want to punish veera. Veera says, i will accept your punishment. Biji says, your punishment is that if you will say seperate from us, then it will bad for you. You are my daughter.
Biji hugs veera. Biji thinks about veera’s childhood remembrance. Biji says, please forgive me, i have done wrong with you, i have never hugged you. I always blamed you for everything.
Now happiness is knocking our doors. Gunjan waits for ranveer and says, i am very hungry. Gunjan sees that ranveer is taking her meal with veera. Gunjan says, you have taken your meal without me.

Precap;- Biji sing lori for veera and ranveer gets happy.

Update Credit to: tushar

  1. Now this gunjan will create problems between ranvi n veere I hate this gunjan

  2. I cried watching this episode.

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