Veera 2nd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 2nd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manjeet telling Bansuri and Balwant about her agriculture business going bad and they need to help her and Sukhdev’s responsibility. Bansuri agrees and says she will do everything for her. Manjeet asks will she really do this, is she saying by heart. Bansuri says yes. Manjeet says I m not worried now, and smiles. Gunjan talks to clinic receptionist and says I have done all the tests, ask doctor can I come, fine I will come now. Ranvi says he is free today and manager called, even she does not have rehearsals. She makes excuses. She asks him to watch movie and she will join him. He smiles and leaves.

She gets the call that doctor cancelled all the appointments today and leave report, but she can’t meet doctor today. Gunjan says fine. Veera calls Baldev and asks him to come for dinner. He says he will come soon, and she asks if he does not come on time. He says I will have food with you two times, but don’t stay hungry like yesterday. She smiles and ends the call. Gunjan likes the pickles and eats it. Ranvi asks her to not eat much. Chai ji says he is saying as you are not keeping good health. Gunjan says yes, as he worries for me a lot, fine I will not eat this. She leaves smiling.

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Chai ji says she will not make spicy pickles and hide this one too. Ranvi says why is she not telling me, I m making her feel that nothing will change, but she is hiding. She says Gunjan should realize this and then she will tell you. He says I can’t share this happiness of becoming a father even with my wife, shall I talk to her mum. Chai ji says no, she loves you a lot, just have patience. He says I can’t and leaves annoyed. Veera waits for Baldev and recalls his words. Veera eats food and Manjeet asks how can she eat without waiting for Baldev. Baldev says he told me to have food and not wait for him. Manjeet asks her does she not have wife’s duty and she should have food after her husband has food.

She says till Baldev does not come and eat food, you can’t eat, if he comes in morning, you will be hungry till morning, and asks her to follow some rituals, as this are made for husband’s safety. Veera says times are changing and whats need to follow traditions. She argues and Manjeet scolds her. Veera says I m not misbehaving with you. Bansuri comes and asks what happened. Manjeet asks Bansuri did she not teach her bahu some manners, and why the traditions are made for some reason.

Manjeet says till I m here everyone has to follow my words, else tell me I will take my everything and leave form this house. Bansuri gets shocked. Veera looks on. Bansuri gets tensed and asks Veera to obey Manjeet always. She goes after Manjeet to apologize. Ranvi keeps the pillows on the bed. Gunjan asks why did he get new pillows. He says I wanted you to get some comfort. She rests and he asks is she happy. She says yes, I m happy. He asks is she worried for anything. She says nothing and does not tell him. He gets upset. She feels bad to hide this matter from him and turns to the other side.

Manjeet rests in her room. Bansuri comes and says she will do all her work. Manjeet asks Veera is my bahu too, I will tell her to work. Bansuri says yes, and acts sweet to her, being afraid of her. Bansuri says she will see Veera obeys her. Manjeet asks why is she being so cheesy as if she is afraid of her. Bansuri massages her leg even when she has hand ache. Balwant looks on and gets puzzled. Manjeet asks Bansuri to get Veera, and how she has served her mum in law by working all day, go and send her. Bansuri says no, she does not know to work well. Manjeet asks why did she get such bahu for Baldev. Bansuri says I did not want this, but Baldev fell in love with her, and Balwant likes her a lot and I wish this girl goes from here.

Manjeet says now I have to do something. Bansuri says I tried a lot, maybe you will succeed. Manjeet thinks she will succeed and rectify all her mistakes.

Manjeet tells Bansuri about Veera sleeping in kitchen and making the food burn. Baldev says Bansuri will manage everything. Manjeet asks him about Veera marrying him by cheat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode..

  2. Gunjal lie to much lol dumm

  3. something fishy.why is bansuri so tensed?is there any secret?

  4. bansuri sud b get killed. .

    1. yes,bansuri should die,or else veeba cannot lead a happy life

  5. ballu…..don’t leave veera…..

  6. Why bansuri is obeying that manjit so much.

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