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Veera 2nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera asking Baldev will he marry her. He says you wanted to marry with everyone’s happiness and with all rituals. She says yes, but I want to marry right now, will you marry me. He says I always agreed to you for everything, will I say no today. The pandit asks are they ready. Veera says yes. They go inside the temple. Mahiya…………..plays………….Ranvi comes to know that Baldev got bail. Gunjan hears him. Rajveer says Balwant got a big lawyer, and I have seen such things. Ranvi says I m witness and I won’t move back. Rajveer says I trust you, can you come to record statement. Ranvi says yes, I m coming. Gunjan folds hands and stops him. He says he can’t listen to her. She says you love me, please listen to me, atleast think about Veera, she loves Baldev.

He says I will talk to her. Baldev and Veera sit to marry, and Baldev smiles seeing her. The pandit asks is there no one to do kanyadaan. She gets sad and nods no. Ranvi goes to Veera’s room and knocks the door. He talks to her thinking she is in the room and says try to understand me, why I m doing this. She thinks forgive me Ranvi, you stopped me from meeting Baldev, and I m marrying him.

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Ranvi comes in the room and is shocked seeing the rope down the window. He shouts Biji and rushes out. Veera and Baldev exchange garlands. Baldev says I love you a lot Veera. She cries. Ranvi tells everyone that Veera has run out and asks Gunjan to call Veera. Gunjan says her phone is not connecting. She says she did not tell me anything. He says call Baldev. She says he is not taking call. She calls Bansuri and asks did Veera come there to meet Baldev. The pandit does the ghatbandhan. Baldev and Veera take the rounds. Bansuri says why are you asking me. Gunjan asks her to ask Baldev. Bansuri says fine and calls Baldev.

Ranvi says where did Veera go. Veera apologizes to Ranvi by heart. Bansuri can’t find Baldev at home and tells Balwant that Veera is also not at home. Baldev fills sindoor in Veera’s hairline. Balwant says we don’t know about Baldev. Bansuri says maybe Veera called him to meet. Balwant says stop it. Ranvi says ask Bansuri not to blame Veera for everything, she is broken now. She is not talking since two days, and she was never used to be quiet. Balwant says I can understand, Baldev is wrongly blamed. Ranvi says you will know it soon, its right or wrong, I request you to inform me about Veera.

Ranvi says Balwant does not know everything, if anything happens to Veera, I will not leave Baldev. He says I will look for her. He turns and is shocked seeing Veera and Baldev married. They all are shocked. Ranvi asks Veera you married Baldev? I know Baldev forced her to marry, I will not leave you alive. Veera comes in between. She says Baldev did not force me, he wanted to wait and he told me no, but I told him that I want to marry him right now. Ranvi is shocked. He asks why did she do this, she married a murderer. Veer assays now Baldev is my husband.

Ranvi says Baldev is Nihaal’s murderer, who was like our dad. Why did you do this Veera? You forgot everything for Baldev.. Chai ji asks Veera does she feel she can be happy doing this, by marrying Baldev after Nihaal’s death, as Baldev has killed Nihaal. Baldev says why are you saying the same thing, I did not kill Nihaal. I went there as Nihaal called me there, and till then he was dead, and someone already killed him. He says strangers think I m culprit, but you all know me, and still think I can kill Nihaal. Veera cries.

Ranvi tells Veera to get punished, and don’t call me Veer ji, I m not your brother and you are not my sister from today. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Ranvi u r such a moron …I hate u…u should trust yr veera…that there MST b reason behind that…u r stuborn…

  2. Wow veera good job

  3. ranvi really can’t be blamed. because he don’t know the real face of that idiot rajveer.when will his past get open to all?

  4. As if he is always right and perfect. Even his dad had an affair. So did he hate or judge his dad?
    And what about poor nihal! He was awesome actor. And the show didn’t use him and just killed him off. Terrible. And now silly ratan is acting all judgemental. She never took a stand for him!! And ranvi put him down! And now ranvi is saying nihal was like a father?! Please

  5. Thank goodness veera took a step for baldev. It is immensely sad she had to go against ranvi who means so much to her. But the story needed her to take a stand. Ranvi is so annoying

  6. Very sad precap;-:-(

  7. Why is ranvi so stubborn I hope.gunjan also gets angry at him
    He is the reason this is happening he should have accepted nihaal and baldev quicker
    This is what he deserves now

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